Baby’s First Flight

My twins are 6 years old now and although I speak to new moms everyday at One Tiny Suitcase, I sometimes forget the anxiety that can come with being a new mom.

My sister recently had a beautiful baby boy. It’s been great seeing my sister experiencing everything that comes with a new baby.

One Tiny Suitcase at the Calgary Airport

This week she experienced another FIRST. Baby’s first flight. A Calgary to Winnipeg trip to introduce baby to flying. She asked me to take her to the airport for the ‘big trip’. Although I’m up at the Calgary Airport daily picking up and dropping off car seats for my customers, I kind of forgot about some of the challenges with flying with a baby.

My sister decided to check her stroller and car seat in as checked baggage. She carried the baby in the Baby Bjorn and made arrangements for the rest of the gear she will need in Winnipeg.

Even the smallest tasks that some of us might take for granted are made more difficult with a baby strapped to the front of you. Collapsing the stroller, lifting luggage on to the scale, placing the folded up stroller on the conveyor belt at the oversized luggage drop, etc. I was glad that I waited with the two of them until they had completed all of those tasks. An extra set of hands was crucial!

I’m so proud of them for making the journey at only 6 weeks old. Turns out, the little man slept the whole flight! Yeah!

Cosco Carseats for Air Travel

I read a really great post by some friends of mine in the Baby Equipment Rentals business at Wee Travel.

baby equipment rentals at Wee Travel

Have a look at this post regarding what types of seats are best for use on board an aircraft. This is a regular question from customers that like to travel with their children.

We also carry the Cosco Scenera car seats at One Tiny Suitcase for this very reason. Our seats rent for $40/week and we have a convenient pick up/drop off location at the Calgary International Airport.

Have more questions about travelling with a baby? Give us a call, we’d love to help you out.

Rain at the Calgary Stampede

For the first time in the history of the Calgary Stampede, the chuckwagon races were cancelled due to rain on Tuesday.

It was a crazy day of rain in Calgary.

Luckily the skies look friendly today for Kids Day at Stampede Park.

Kids Day at the Calgary Stampede

At One Tiny Suitcase, I had some strange customer calls too due to all this rain. We got a call from a Mom with a 3-year-old boy in a cast who recently broke his toe. They needed a stroller to enjoy the Stampede.

Another mom called later in the evening requested a stroller because her son and slipped off a curb and injured his leg. We rented that family a ZOOPER stroller for a visit to Heritage Park.

Enjoy the Calgary Stampede and…be safe.

Calgary Stampede Parade 2010

We have so many visitors this week who arriving for the Calgary Stampede. So far we’ve met moms & babies from Australia, Scotland and Switzerland.

Family Travel at the Calgary Stampede and Parade

A big part of the kick off for the Calgary Stampede is the Parade that happens this Friday July 9, 2010.

Thinking of attending the Calgary Stampede Parade with your little ones? Here are some tips from an article on parades with kids:

Reserve Your Spot Early…. Stake out your spot, and then head home, bringing your family back with you closer to the parade start time.

Pack the Essentials… Keeping food, drinks, and diversions for the kids on hand will help them stay happy for the duration of the parade.

Things to take with you:

  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks, and maybe even lunch, depending on the timing of the parade
  • Cold drinks
  • Sidewalk Chalk (useful for keeping little hands busy while waiting for the parade to start)
  • Bubbles and Bubble Wands (see above)
  • Bags to hold candy the kids collect during the parade
  • Camera

Spray bottle filled with water…Spray the kids, if they get too warm.

Need some extra gear to get you to and from the parade? We recommend the MEC backpack carrier. You can rent one from us at One Tiny Suitcase for $7/day!

Lake Louise Hiking

My family and I did some great hiking at Lake Louise recently and it got me to thinking about hiking as a family.

When my twins were babies we hiked with them in their Baby Bjorn carriers. They weighed around 10lbs and were pretty easy to carry. Luckily, they liked to sleep whenever we carried them this way.

When the twins were toddlers we moved them into backpack carriers. They liked sitting up high and being able to look out over top of us as we hiked. As they started to weigh closer to 30lbs it became challenging…

This year my twins are 6 years old and we are learning about how to hike with them at this age.. It’s more about the carrot and the stick for them than it is about enjoying nature but in the end we all get what we want. The kids get to eat candies on the way up the mountain and my husband and I are able to enjoy the scenery.

Family hiking in Banff/Lake Louise

I love seeing other families find creative ways to hike with kids at any age. Here is a quick photo I snapped of a Chariot carrier making its way up the Mirror Lake hike at Lake Louise.