Calgary Stampede Parade 2010

We have so many visitors this week who arriving for the Calgary Stampede. So far we’ve met moms & babies from Australia, Scotland and Switzerland.

Family Travel at the Calgary Stampede and Parade

A big part of the kick off for the Calgary Stampede is the Parade that happens this Friday July 9, 2010.

Thinking of attending the Calgary Stampede Parade with your little ones? Here are some tips from an article on parades with kids:

Reserve Your Spot Early…. Stake out your spot, and then head home, bringing your family back with you closer to the parade start time.

Pack the Essentials… Keeping food, drinks, and diversions for the kids on hand will help them stay happy for the duration of the parade.

Things to take with you:

  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks, and maybe even lunch, depending on the timing of the parade
  • Cold drinks
  • Sidewalk Chalk (useful for keeping little hands busy while waiting for the parade to start)
  • Bubbles and Bubble Wands (see above)
  • Bags to hold candy the kids collect during the parade
  • Camera

Spray bottle filled with water…Spray the kids, if they get too warm.

Need some extra gear to get you to and from the parade? We recommend the MEC backpack carrier. You can rent one from us at One Tiny Suitcase for $7/day!