Alberta Business Link: Entrepreneur of the Month

This month Alberta Business Link is profiling One Tiny Suitcase in their Entrepreneur of the Month.

With 3 locations across Canada, One Tiny Suitcase has grown since it’s beginnings in 2006.

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Entrepreneur of the Month: Stacey’s Story

“I wanted to share my story with you about how I have used The Business Link to grow my business.

My company, One Tiny Suitcase was started in May 2006. I began attending the Small Business Learning sessions to help me grow my business.

With my first location in Calgary, I expanded to open a second location in Edmonton in June 2008. By the Fall of 2010, I was ready to open a third location but not quite sure when and where to do that.

In September of 2010, I called the Alberta Business Link and spoke with one of your Business Management Guest Advisors. He listened to the history of my business, what my expansion goals were and some of the research I had done. With his advice and recommendations I opened a third location of One Tiny Suitcase in Winnipeg in November of 2010.

As a small business owner, sometimes you just need to ‘bounce your ideas’ off of someone with experience. The Guest Advisor confirmed what I had thought all along…it was time for location #3!

Thank you for all of the courses, seminars and services you provide. You are a valuable part of my Business!”