Quality Fetal Doppler Rentals

At One Tiny Suitcase, Canada’s premier baby equipment rental company, we have always chose to carry the highest quality products for rental. There are always going to be cheaper products on the market but we strive to give our customers excellent quality products at competitive prices.

Baby Doppler Rentals

Our Fetal Doppler Rentals are a good example of where we have sourced out the best quality products we can offer. Our NICOLET and HUNTLEIGH fetal dopplers are the exact same brands that the Doctors and Midwives choose to use on their patients in Canada.

Most consumers don’t realize the difference between the Doppler Rentals we carry and other brands that you can purchase online for around $100. As with many things, you get what you pay for.

Many of those devices say they have FDA approval but only devices with their Canadian Medical Device licenses are approved for use in Canada. The Canadian designation is important because:

Health Canada reviews medical devices to assess their safety, effectiveness and quality before being authorized for sale in Canada.

Fetal Doppler Rent

Our dopplers are made in the USA, carry all the required licenses and approvals for use and sale in Canada. They are Medical Quality and come with either a 2MHZ or 3MHZ probe for early detection.We carry only the brands used by Doctors and Midwives in Canada so that you and your health care practitioner are familiar with the machine. We often encourage our clients to take their doppler rentals into their next medical appointment.

If you have questions about your Fetal Dopplers or to place an order for same day delivery/pick up, visit us at