Best Baby Travel Gear

Traveling with your baby or toddler is exciting! There are some great new products on the market to make travelling as a family easier and more accessible.

Looking for some of the best baby gear for travel? Here they are:

  • Baby Bjorn travel crib This recognizable brand makes more than just soft carriers. At only 11lbPack n Play rentals at One Tiny Suitcases this travel crib is the perfect companion for a road trip to Grandma’s house. Make sure your sweetie has a safe place to sleep while she is away from home. It sets up in seconds and has an extra comfortable mattress.
  • gogo Kidz Travelmate Want to travel with your car seat? This car seat attachment clips right on to your own car seat to allow you to wheel your child (in their seat) through the airport. It’s a great way to take your child’s car seat with safely and conveniently. With your child secured in their car seat, your hands are free to manoeuvre yourself and your family to your destination. Baby travel gear
    • BRITAX Car Seat If you are travelling by car, your little one will be comfBRITAX car seat rentalsortable and safe tucked into her car seat. Britax is known for being leaders quality and safety. Most parents go through a lengthy selection process when deciding what car seat to buy. Arriving at your destination and trying to orient yourself with a new car seat can be stressful. If you are travelling by air, the Britax seats can be taken on board and used to secure your baby or toddler inflight
    • TrunkiThis innovative travel suitcase is designed for children 3-6 years of age. This carry-on is as stylish as it is practical. Let your child pack their on Trunki suitcase for the trip with dolls and toys to keepBest Baby Travel Gear like Trunkithem busy. At the airport when their little legs get tired of standing they can ride on the Trunki or be pulled along by mom and dad.
  • Uppa Baby G Luxe Stroller This is one of the lightest full recline strollers on the market. It’s great to use for getting on and off subways or shuttles because of it’s easy fold and convenient travel strap. With a generous sunshade it makes it perfect for warm weather destinations. A good stroller will ensure you can get around at your destination with ease.Stroller rentals at One Tiny Suitcase

Wish you could bring your baby’s full size crib with you on vacation? Most hotels only offer a portable crib and some baby’s don’t sleep well in a pack n play. Baby Equipment Rental companies exist all over the world. Look up your destination and the term ‘baby equipment rental’ to find a local company who will rent you the latest and greatest in gear.

Above all, enjoy the journey!