Premature Babies and Breastmilk

Having your baby àhead of schedule` is a tough way to start. I should know, my twins came early at 34 weeks. Weighing only about 3 and 4lbs each, they just needed more time.

The nurses at the hospital were really clear that I would need to start expressing breastmilk as quickly as I could. They stressed the importance of feeding the twins breastmilk as much, and as soon as I could. They set me up on a Medela Symphony breastpump and I began breastpumping the day they were born.

breastpump for preemies

Medela`s website has some great statistics on the importance of feeding breastmilk to preemies. It reinforces how crucial the early days for a preemie are and how important my job as a new mom was.

My experience with my premature twins led me to become and authorized rental station for the same Medela pumps I used in the hopsital years ago.

For Medela Symphony breastpump rentals visit us at

New Medela breastpump

Many of our customers purchase a breastpump like the MEDELA Swing when they are finished with the Symphony hospital grade pump rentals.

medela breast pump

The Swing is a great pump but up until now was only a single breastpump. Medela is now introducing the Swing Maxi….a double breastpump.


The Swing will still be compact and quiet but now you can be finished pumping in half the time by double pumping. Awesome.

Baby Event Rentals

We just finished another very successful event at a downtown Calgary Hotel.

Our Baby Equipment Rentals are not only used for travellers coming to the city, we provide rentals for weddings, parties and events.

party rentals, high chair rentals, event rentals calgaryThis last event was a wedding. The bride and groom wanted their guests to be comfortable so they rented 8 extra high chairs and 7 extra booster seats.

We deliver 7 days a week so we were able to accommodate a Sunday wedding.

Love seeing our rentals set up for events like this.

We are getting ready for the Children’s Christmas parties coming up in a few months.

Call us for Event Rentals starting at $10. We have the largest selection of high chairs and booster seat rentals in Calgary.