Weddings and babies

I remember back in 2006 greeting all our guests at our wedding reception. We were so happy to have all our friends join us for our celebration.

One of our good friends comes up to congratulate us, with their 9 month old son in tow. Seeing their baby, I panicked, “how could I have forgotten high chairs for our baby guests”! Thankfully, we had only one baby show up to our reception and the hotel did have one on hand. I thought afterwards, what would we have done if all our friends brought their babies? Would the hotel have enough high chairs on hand to accommodate our guests?

AntilopWeddings are a wonderful celebration and you want your guests to enjoy their night and remember what a fabulous time they had at your wedding. Our friends were so happy that they didn’t have the stress of trying to hold a baby on their lap while trying to eat and socialize. As a parent myself now, I can totally relate to this stress!

It’s so easy to rent a few extra high chairs from One Tiny Suitcase, there is virtually no effort needed from the bride and groom!

wedding high chairsWith rates starting at $10, One Tiny Suitcase will deliver and pick up from the venue for you. Our high chairs are so stylish, they blend in with any wedding décor and we can customize ribbon to match the colours to your event.

(Kristina will be guest blogging for us in April & May 2013. As a busy mom of a very active toddler, she knows the ropes of family travel!)