Pregnant in Winnipeg: Winnipeg location closed

Winnipeg is my home town and I love the city. My twins weren’t born in Winnipeg but we have been home many times to visit family.

Since opening the One Tiny Suitcase location in Winnipeg back in November 2010, it has been great to connect with local moms and businesses supporting moms in the city.

Winnipeg has some great resources for new and expectant parents. One of the most comprehensive website I have found is Pregnancy Winnipeg.


Emma, the creator of Pregnancy Winnipeg, has included information on such topics as prenatal massage, local moms groups and even where to buy locally.

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Wickenheiser Female Hockey Festival

Calgary gets some great events but this one looks like it will be spectacular!


Hailey Wickenheiser, female hockey star extraordinaire, has decided to move her tournament from Burnaby BC to Calgary, Alberta this year. The Wickenheiser Female Hockey Festival draws female hockey teams from across the country.

The event will take place at Canada Olympic Park’s Winsport facilities.

Girls from all ages will participate in this 4 day event November 21-24, 2013.

Traveling to Calgary for Wickfest? Click here for hotels offering special rates for players and their families? Need baby gear to outfit your hotel room or to stroll around the arena? Click here for strollers, car seats, cribs and more.

MedelaMe iphone App

MedelaMe is an iPhone app used to keep track of your breastfeeding routine. Developed by Medela it is the perfect compliment to your Symphony (hospital grade) breast pump rental.



When updating the “minuteMe” feature in the app, you see at one glance your babies feeding times and pumping-sessions, as well as sleeping and crying times. What a great way to track those details when you are tired and sleep deprived.


You can use the data on your phone to update your doctor or midwife of baby’s progress.

Get your breastfeeding routine organized with medelaMe. The app is free!