New Fetal Dopplers

Since our opening day in 2006, we have been working hard to add high quality products to our inventory that meet the needs of our clients.

We were so pleased to recently see Fetalbeats, a fetal doppler company that was profiled on Dragon’s Den. Their dopplers and applicable smartphone app were created for “entertainment purposes” and for use later in pregnancy at 17 weeks and beyond. This national coverage of the availability of Fetal Dopplers for use at home was great to see.

The Fetal Dopplers we carry in our inventory were selected based on a few criteria.

  • Safety– although a doctor’s prescription is not required in Canada to rent a fetal doppler for home use, we have decided to only carry the same Medical Grade, high quality fetal dopplers that the Doctors and Midwives in Canada use.
  • Early Detection– many of our clients have unfortunately sufferred a pregnancy loss in the past and are looking for early detection and reassurance early on after they have visited their doctor or midwife. Our Dopplers are able to detect the fetal heartbeat from 9-12 weeks on.
  • Quality– The fetal dopplers are a medical device and although they are very simple to operate, we have chosen units that have a high sound quality and use ultrasound technology to detect the fetal heartbeat.

If you are looking for a local company providing high quality, medical grade fetal doppler rentals please contact us at