Short Maternity leave or shared Parental leave

Many of our customers who rent the MEDELA Symphony breastpump do so because they are going to have a shorter parental leave and want to continue breastpumping when they go back to work.

womansymphony_in_use_querThe MEDELA website recently published a page on ways to make breastpumping while being away from your baby successful. There are lots of good tips for how to get the most out of that new routines.

From personal experience, I know many of those tips work. When my twins were born early and had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks, I had to pump whenever I was away from them and then bring the milk back to the hospital to feed them.

One of the things MEDELA recommends is having a picture or video of your baby on when you are pumping as it has been proven to help stimulate the milk ejection reflex. I definitely found more success pumping when the babies were in the same room than when I was alone without them. A picture or video is the next best thing if you can’t be with them.

Westjet Tablet Rentals

Westjet has always been a family friendly airline but they are keeping up with the times and finding new ways to keep their guests entertained on long flights.

Two friends of mine in the last month have commented on how Westjet is now renting out Tablet computers that are loaded with movies, games and Tv shows.

westjet tablet rentalIt seems some of the new Westjet planes aren’t equipped with live seat back tv’s yet. Instead of hoping their guests will keep themselves entertained, they are providing (for a $5 rental fee) Tablets for use in flight. Typically on longer flights (my friends were on flights from the Dominican Republic and Hawaii to Calgary), these $5 rentals proved invaluable in keeping everybody on board happy.

I recently travelled on United Airlines and Air Canada with the twins and some of the planes had no seat back tv’s and one plane had the old-fashioned drop down screens from the roof of the plane. My children are 9 years old now but they were not tall enough to see over the seat in front of them to watch the screen. That seemed like a good thing because the airline certainly wasn’t showing a family friendly movie.

Kudos to Westjet to addressing the needs of families travelling on their airplanes. For more information about Westjet’s policies and procedures before your next family flight visit their website here.