Benefits of Double Pumping vs Single Pumping

The Medela Symphony pump is the most efficient double pump available in my opinion. It is exactly the same unit as the hospitals provide. Powerful, reliable and an excellent resource to establish a good milk supply in the early days.

medela double pumping kit

That being said, it is a DOUBLE electric breastpump. The benefits of DOUBLE pumping (simultaneously pumping both breasts) can include the following:

  • up to 18% higher yield of breastmilk pumped per session
  • higher levels of prolactin the hormone responsible for milk production
  • its twice as fast as Single pumping

Unfortunately, I am seeing more and more moms leaving the hospital with a Single Pumping Kit for the Symphony. Likely a cost saving measure by the hospitals, the single kit means that more moms will struggle with using a breastpump efficiently at home. And on top of that, additional single kits are not available for retail purchase so moms who want to double Pump have to buy a Double Kit.

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