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Fertility Treatments & Fetal Dopplers

I meet some wonderful women with One Tiny Suitcase. It really is the best part of my job.

Today I was at a woman’s office to pick up a Fetal Doppler rental that she was finished using. I had been in her office 6 1/2 months earlier. We had a very different conversation back then. After 7 miscarriages, numerous fertility treatments, and finally the use of a donor egg…..she was pregnant. She decided to rent a Medical Grade fetal Doppler to use at home for peace of mind.

Fetal Dopplers Calgary EdmontonSeeing her today made my day! She looked happy and healthy and had the most beautiful ‘baby bump’. With only 4 weeks left in her pregnancy she had experienced an uneventful pregnancy. She and her husband were looking forward to welcoming their new baby. They have decided that after such a long journey, they won’t find out the sex of the baby until the big day.

She commented several times on how appreciative she was of having the Doppler to monitor baby’s heartbeat at home during her pregnancy.

(Shared with permission from my client Daina in Calgary, Alberta)