Consumer Reports: Best Breast Pump Buying Guide

Consumer Reports has researched and reviewed everything from sports cars to dishwashers. They are the authority on all the things we like to purchase. They recently completed a report on Breast Pumps. They test and review everything from Hospital Grade Breast Pumps to small hand held manual pumps. Not sure what you will need? Here is what they had to say:

“Consider renting a hospital-grade breast pump if you’re not sure how long you’ll need to use a pump or if you know you’ll need to pump for only a short time and you plan to be home with your baby. If you expect to use a breast pump regularly, especially if you plan to return to work, buy a top-quality midweight, personal-use, automatic model at the best price you can find. This caliber of pump will help you to get a significant volume of milk in a given time and will be your best bet for maintaining your milk supply. If you plan to use a breast pump only occasionally, a manual pump or a small electric or battery-operated one will probably be all you need.”

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They even go into the pro’s and con’s of each type of pump:

Hospital-grade breast pumps

These electric powerhouses are about the size of a car battery and can weigh 5 to 11 pounds. Manufactured for users in hospitals and for those who choose to rent, they have sensitive controls that allow you to regulate suction rhythm, intensity, and pressure. Some have a pumping action that’s almost identical to a baby’s natural sucking, which can help to build and maintain your milk supply. A hospital-grade pump can cut pumping sessions in half–to just 15 minutes with a dual pump, which empties both breasts at once. These are expensive to buy, but you can rent them from hospitals, medical-supply stores, lactation consultants, drugstores, and specialty retail stores. Choose this option if nursing is difficult because your baby has trouble latching on, if you’re not sure how much you’ll need a breast pump but you want one on hand just in case, if you plan to pump for three months or less from home, or if you must dramatically increase your milk supply and need the power of a hospital-grade pump.

Pros: They’re fast and efficient. Many are also light, comparable to a midweight, personal-use automatic pump.
Cons: Even though some come with a rechargeable battery and an adapter for use in a vehicle, many don’t come with a discreet carrying case. You wouldn’t want to lug one to and from work every day because it can be awkward and heavy.
Got more questions? Read the full report here. Or visit our website


Traveling with a Breastpump- How to!

I have been giving this one a lot of thought…My twins were always with me when I travelled. I was a devoted MEDELA breastpump user so I could express milk anywhere I went. I even carried two mini-electric Medela pumps with me to go on hikes and trips to the Mountains. I would just spend a little extra time in the car before we started on our hike to make sure that I kept up my pumping schedule even away from home.

There can definitely be some logistical challenges when it comes to pumping your breastmilk at the airport or even on a long haul flight. Vehicle adapters, battery packs, cooler bags- it can be a lot of gear!

I have talked to other moms though who travel without their children and bring a breastpump with them to keep up their supply or to store the milk and bring it home with them (what a great gift to bring home from your travels!)

Here is a great article on the subject of Breastpumping and Travel. Check it out

I also love the idea of wearing the Easy Expression nursing bra under your shirt so you can be ‘hands free’ if you need to be!

Love your Symphony (hospital grade) breast pump and don’t want to compromise while you are away? The Medela  Symphony breastpump can be fitted with a car vehicle lighter adaptor so that you never have to worry about a power source wherever you choose to pump. Medela Breastpump Accessories

MedelaMe App for Breast Pumping

Using a Breastpump and need a tool to keep track of feedings?

The MedelaMe is an iPhone app used to keep track of your breastfeeding routine. Developed by Medela it is the perfect compliment to your Symphony (hospital grade) breast pump rental.


When updating the “minuteMe” feature in the app, you see at one glance your babies feeding times and pumping-sessions, as well as sleeping and crying times. What a great way to track those details when you are tired and sleep deprived.

With this FREE App you can:

  1. Record when and how long you breastfeed your baby
  2. Monitor your baby’s sleeping pattern and behaviour
  3. Snapshots on the go or at home can easily be synchronized with your Facebook page

Get your breastfeeding routine organized with medelaMe now.

You can use the data on your phone to update your doctor or midwife of baby’s progress. Having your phone at your side for feedings will allow you to stay organized and on track.

Our Medela Symphony Breast Pump rentals include FREE delivery right to your door. Just call us when you are ready for delivery and we will bring the breastpump right to you and show you how to use it and maximize your pumping sessions. Edmonton 587-784-0212 Calgary 403-510-2005

Twins and Triplet’s Club Newsletter Article on Breastpumping


The Calgary Twins and Triplet’s club was a big part of the successful start I got when I had my twins prematurely at 34 weeks. The support and resources the group provides was essential to my family and many others in the city.

I contributed an article (ttmac article) on Breastfeeding and the use of a Breastpump so that other moms could see the range of options available.

Symphony rental Medela

I never imagined that 11 years after my twins birth, I would be sharing my experience and knowledge with moms of expectant multiples through my business, One Tiny Suitcase. It has been a journey and continues to take me places I didn’t expect!


4-35lbs Peg Perego Infant Car Seat Rental

infant car seat rental We have just added the newest Peg Perego Primo Viaggio infant car seat rental into our inventory.

This seat can be used from as early as 4lbs and has 3 different cushions to make sure babies of all sizes get the perfect fit.

We are carrying it in the color scheme called ‘Atmosphere’. A very chic black/grey to go with our coordinating Peg Perego Stroller rentals.

Don’t lug your brand new infant car seat through the airport and risk putting it in baggage where it will get tossed around with the luggage. Contact us for easy rentals in Calgary & Edmonton.

Edmonton Folding Crib Rentals

We’ve just added some new Pinnacle and LA Baby compact folding cribs to our inventory. This amazing rental crib is compact, easy to use and convenient. It rents for $12/day and comes with a cozy 100% cotton fitted sheet.

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With 4 solid sides and no drop rails it meets all safety requirements for baby cribs.

Watch the video to see how easy this crib is to use! See these and more Baby Equipment Rentals on our website: Calgary 403-510-2005 Edmonton 587-784-0212