MedelaMe App for Breast Pumping

Using a Breastpump and need a tool to keep track of feedings?

The MedelaMe is an iPhone app used to keep track of your breastfeeding routine. Developed by Medela it is the perfect compliment to your Symphony (hospital grade) breast pump rental.


When updating the “minuteMe” feature in the app, you see at one glance your babies feeding times and pumping-sessions, as well as sleeping and crying times. What a great way to track those details when you are tired and sleep deprived.

With this FREE App you can:

  1. Record when and how long you breastfeed your baby
  2. Monitor your baby’s sleeping pattern and behaviour
  3. Snapshots on the go or at home can easily be synchronized with your Facebook page

Get your breastfeeding routine organized with medelaMe now.

You can use the data on your phone to update your doctor or midwife of baby’s progress. Having your phone at your side for feedings will allow you to stay organized and on track.

Our Medela Symphony Breast Pump rentals include FREE delivery right to your door. Just call us when you are ready for delivery and we will bring the breastpump right to you and show you how to use it and maximize your pumping sessions. Edmonton 587-784-0212 Calgary 403-510-2005

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