Traveling with a Breastpump- How to!

I have been giving this one a lot of thought…My twins were always with me when I travelled. I was a devoted MEDELA breastpump user so I could express milk anywhere I went. I even carried two mini-electric Medela pumps with me to go on hikes and trips to the Mountains. I would just spend a little extra time in the car before we started on our hike to make sure that I kept up my pumping schedule even away from home.

There can definitely be some logistical challenges when it comes to pumping your breastmilk at the airport or even on a long haul flight. Vehicle adapters, battery packs, cooler bags- it can be a lot of gear!

I have talked to other moms though who travel without their children and bring a breastpump with them to keep up their supply or to store the milk and bring it home with them (what a great gift to bring home from your travels!)

Here is a great article on the subject of Breastpumping and Travel. Check it out

I also love the idea of wearing the Easy Expression nursing bra under your shirt so you can be ‘hands free’ if you need to be!

Love your Symphony (hospital grade) breast pump and don’t want to compromise while you are away? The Medela  Symphony breastpump can be fitted with a car vehicle lighter adaptor so that you never have to worry about a power source wherever you choose to pump. Medela Breastpump Accessories