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Did you know we offer FREE delivery and pick up on the MEDELA Symphony hospital grade breast pump rentals in Calgary?

medela Breast Pump Rental

The last thing you need to be doing when you have a new baby is driving from pharmacy to pharmacy looking for an available Medela breast pump rental. We bring the pump right to your door. Our friendly staff make it easy to order and receive your Breast Pump Rental in Calgary. You can ask your partner or a family member to call in the order and make the arrangements for you.

Hospital grade breast pump

We offer competitive pricing (only $99/month) and offer more value by hand delivering the pump to your door and showing you how to set it up and get started. Payment is by credit card at the time of delivery and there is no deposit put against your card. You don’t have to commit to a specific rental time period beyond the initial first month either. Go month to month after that or use our daily rate of $4.

We also carry the Double Pumping starter kit for the Medela Symphony Pumps. The kit has everything you need to get started breastpumping. It includes bottles, breastshields, a Micro Steam Cleaning bag, pump n save bags, nursing pads and even the popular Calma feeding nipple. Kits are $79 and we can bring one out with your rental.

medela double pumping kitYour hospital grade breastpump rental may also be covered under your Employer Health Benefits. Ask us how to get coverage and be reimbursed back for the cost of your rental. Many plans are starting to cover the cost of a Breastpump, you just need to ask!

If you have a child in the NICU or with special medical need you will likely be able to get a Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rental covered under your health insurance. Medela surveyed the major insurance providers and 77 % of them provide coverage in this type of situation but you may need pre-authorization or a prescription.

Wondering which breast pump is best for you? Here is a guide to all the choices. The Symphony (hospital grade pump) is designed to help build and maintain a milk supply. This is especially important if breastfeeding does not go well right away. Protect your supply by pumping on a regular basis until you and baby have figured things out. For those moms who plan to pump exclusively, save time by using the most efficient double breast pump on the market. Double pumping with a hospital grade pump can be done in as little as 15 minutes per session.

Medela breastpumping

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