Medela Symphony Breast Pump Video

If you are pregnant for the first time you probably already know there are endless amounts of research you could do in preparation for baby’s arrival. I know for me, when my twins were born a few weeks early I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to be. I had not researched the use of a Breast Pump and was a bit lost when I needed it!

One of my goals at One Tiny Suitcase is to have video demos for the products we carry so that our customers feel confident about renting equipment. The Medela Breast Pump Rentals we carry certainly come with a bunch of instruction manuals but sometimes it easier when someone shows you (and the video helps when that is at 3A.M)

I meet lots of new moms and many have never even seen a Breast Pump before and some who used the Medela Hospital Grade pump with their first child but need a refresher. The video should answer some of the basic questions- call us with any others!

Please keep in mind that our MEDELA breast pump rentals include free delivery in Calgary (403-510-2005) & Edmonton (587-784-0212).  We are open 7 days a week and can usually have a pump to you in 24 hours. Delivered by moms for moms!

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