INGENUITY pack n plays

Our pack n play rentals can include bassinet, change table and organizer attachments. These accessories are good up to 15lbs and the rest of the pack n play can be used (without the attachments) for a child up to 30lbs.

Call/text/email us to make a reservation. These start at just $8/daypack n play rentals playpen

Stroller for the Snow

Us Canadian mama’s know a lot about using a stroller in the snow.

When my twins were little I used to have a PEG PEREGO Duette stroller that I loaded them into in their snowsuits and trudged through the snowy sidewalks to get groceries or visit friends.

Here is a link to a great discussion by Canadian Mama’s on which strollers they think work best for our snowy streets:¬†

We often have clients looking for short term rentals of an all-terrain stroller. Our favorite is the VALCO stroller: