Don’t buy the Sonoline Fetal Doppler until you try…

Wondering which Fetal Doppler is the best for use at home? There are a lot of choices on the market and after being in business for 12 years, we have seen everything.

Recently, a client said she decided to rent one of our Medical Grade Fetal Dopplers while researching the Sonoline B Fetal Dopplers that are available online to purchase. As a Nurse, she recognized the Nicolet Elite fetal dopplers we were offering. We only carry the exact same units used by Doctor’s and Midwives.

We talked about how the Sonoline dopplers were being sold for $69 at Walmart, so why rent from us for $45/month? A good comparison to start would be the value of the units. If a Sonoline can be sold for $100 it must not cost very much to manufacture. Our units are Made in the USA and cost upwards of $500 with a 3MHZ, waterproof probe. When it comes to something as important as your safety, you get what you pay for.

The units use Ultrasound technology to detect baby’s heartbeat (as early as 9 weeks) and are very sensitive. For this reason, we never ship our units in the mail where the risk of damage is greatest. We hand deliver these rentals or offer local pick up from our home office.

Our Google and Facebook reviews are the best testimonial of our Baby Equipment Rental services. Call or Text us if you  have any other questions 403-510-2005 (Calgary) or 587-784-0212 (Edmonton)