Initiating Your Milk Supply in Hospital

During pregnancy you are probably planning for all the ‘what ifs’ that come along with childbirth. One of the things our clients often ask us about is breastfeeding right after birth.

For some moms this is very easy. After delivery, baby is put on their chest and nature takes over. For other moms who have complications at birth or whose baby may arrive a little early- this isn’t always possible.

New studies are showing that initiating breastfeeding within the first hour after birth has some great benefits for your supply and breastfeeding success overall. If this isn’t possible with baby, the availability of a Hospital Grade double breastpump is crucial.

Medela breast pumping

Here is a great post about how to protect your supply early on:

Here is a healthcare professionals perspective for moms with some challenges at birth:


One Tiny Suitcase 5 year Anniversary

We’ve hit a big milestone at One Tiny Suitcase. This month marks our 5 year anniversary of being in business.

Baby Equipment Rental company

I started the business back in 2006 when my twins were just 2  years old. We had just returned home from our first major family vacation in Hawaii. For our trip we had bought new travel strollers and an apparatus that linked the two single strollers together. We made make-shift beds for the kids at the hotel by pushing twin beds up against the wall. Car Seats were borrowed from the car rental agencies. That was the first trip where I realized just how much ‘stuff’ we really needed when travelling with kids.

When I got back home to Calgary, Alberta I started researching options for family travel thinking there “Had to be a better way”. I started seeing a trend in Baby Equipment Rental companies cropping up all over Canada and the USA.

One Tiny Suitcase was opened a few months later on a $5000 personal loan and lots of ambition.

We are celebrating with some special offers and rental packages. Visit  us at

Welcome everyone

Thanks for visiting the new blog. We wanted a forum to let other travellers know about fabulous family travel finds around the globe. So, here is our new blog!

Based in Calgary, Canada we operate a baby equipment rental business called One Tiny Suitcase ( in Calgary & Edmonton and Winnioeg. We meet families from all over the world who want to ‘get out there’ and travel. Watch this blog for details on fabulous family travel finds!