Fetal Doppler Rentals

Listen to baby’s heart beat with a premium quality fetal doppler in your own home as early as 9-12 weeks! $45/month

pregnancy fetal doppler

We are the exclusive supplier of Medical Grade fetal dopplers in Edmonton & Calgary. FREE Doppler gel is always included in your order!

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. We only carry the same premium medical grade fetal dopplers that doctors and midwives in Canada use. Our dopplers are never shipped, we hand deliver them to our clients tofetal doppler rentals calgary edmonton maintain the integrity of these sensitive units.

Superior Performance, Ultimate Flexibility

The Nicolet Elite fetal doppler is a configurable, ultrasound Doppler used to detect the fetal heartbeat. With over 30 years of Doppler experience, Natus has created a product that excels in every facet of performance. The Nicolet Elite has a comfortable probe shape that makes finding a signal easier than ever before. It combines extreme sensitivity and incredibly clear, static-free sound into a compact, pocket-sized package.

Proven Reliability

The comfortable shape of the Elite probe is easy to hold and features broad-beam technology,

making it very easy to find and lock onto the signal of interest. The probe technology has been

tested in obstetric applications for years and is effective in detecting fetal heartbeats as early

as 8 weeks in most pregnancies. The Nicolet Elite obstetric system comes with a

3 MHz probe for early fetal heart beat detection.


Customer Comments: 

“The doppler was awesome, I heard baby’s heartbeat at 9 weeks!” Jennifer

“This was a GREAT tool! It has really kept me calm and worked right away at around 9 weeks. It was high quality and was VERY easy to work and locate the heart beat. I can now feel baby kicking so feel more confident. Thanks so much!!!” Shelley

“The Fetal Doppler is fantastic and very simple to use. We found the heartbeat the first time we used it. I will definitely be recommending your service to everyone. Thanks again!” Lori

“I really appreciated the opportunity to have a Doppler available to me for the early part of my pregnancy as I found myself very anxious about this pregnancy due to a recent miscarriage.  Having the chance to listen to that precious heartbeat every evening before I fell asleep was extremely comforting. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.” Sherry

“The fetal doppler was great! Hearing our little one’s heart beat was exciting and fun. Makes this pregnancy all the more real for my husband too! Thank you for carrying such a great product.” Heather 

“I will definitely recommend your company to others…Also, thanks for the great service!” Sarah

We advise all of our customers to use this product in consultation with their physician, midwife, or health care provider. Instructions for proper use of the device are provided to all customers.