Cosco Carseats for Air Travel

I read a really great post by some friends of mine in the Baby Equipment Rentals business at Wee Travel.

baby equipment rentals at Wee Travel

Have a look at this post regarding what types of seats are best for use on board an aircraft. This is a regular question from customers that like to travel with their children.

We also carry the Cosco Scenera car seats at One Tiny Suitcase for this very reason. Our seats rent for $40/week and we have a convenient pick up/drop off location at the Calgary International Airport.

Have more questions about travelling with a baby? Give us a call, we’d love to help you out.

Stroller Damages

I had an interesting conversation with an Airline Rep the other day. We were talking about Baby Equipment and travel and she explained their policy on stroller damages to me.

This particular (and very popular family friendly) airline had a maximum $250 replacement/repair value foStroller Rentals in Calgary & Edmontonr strollers lost or damaged in transit. At first I thought that sounded generous. More generous than most airlines I have researched (see my previous post Not Responsible for Damage).

Have you seen the price of a good stroller lately? The Uppa Baby retails for $799, Peg Perego Skate $899 and the popular BOB jogging strollers are sold for about $450!


Think twice about trusting your expensive stroller to the luggage handlers at the airport. Not only will you not get replacement value for it, you will be without your precious wheels while the claim is processed!

On a side note, when I spoke with the employees of the Luggage Claims department, they strongly recommended the use of Car Seat bags like this one from Sunshine Kids. They see a lot of people take the wrong car seat home because they are  not labelled like luggage and a lot of damages from Car Seats not packaged safely.

Just a few tips I recently found out after loosing my own luggage on the way home!