Travel times two

I was picking up my 4 year old Twins from preschool yesterday afternoon and wondered why I was sweating trying to get coats, boots and hats on both of them. I looked around and realized that every other mom there was picking up just one child- and I was picking up two. I think sometimes I forget that with Twins there is two of everything and often twice as many things to remember (like running shoes for BOTH of them each day of preschool).

Travelling with twins often reminds me that we our family is a bit ‘different’ or at least has some different needs. I couldn’t fly with the twins by myself until they were two. My husband and I couldn’t sit in the same row on the place with them when they were babies. You can’t wear two Baby Bjorn carriers at the same time (although I serisously considered getting one of those double soft carriers for multiples).

In our travels we have found some neat products that have helped us get around more efficiently. One of oustrollerconnectorsr first investments was a stroller connector for our lightweight strollers They were pretty easy to attach when one of us needed to push both kids and detach when we each wanted to take a single stroller.

I saw an awesome video yesterday that made me think things are looking up for traveling with twins. Check out gogobaby’z latest product

Their infant cruisers allow you to clip your infant car seat onto a base and wheel it wherever you want to go. Go two infant car seats- they now sell an adapter so  you can attach the two infant cruisers together and drive them as one!

Twins, Triplets and Travel

This week we serviced a family traveling with 16 month old triplets. That meant 3 Car Seats, 3 High Chairs and 3 Cribs!

It reminded me of the days when we first started to travel with our twins. In the early days it was just the logistics of how to fly with two infants. Then, when they were a little bit older we worried about how to bring all their stuff with us. Now we wonder about how to entertain/contain them while on vacation.

There are some good articles out there for parents of multiples who are planning trips. A quick google search on ‘travel with twins’ will bring up a lot of interesting results (including a strange story on flying with conjoined twins). The best web source I found for ‘parent to parent’ info on traveling with multiples was at

At One Tiny Suitcase ( we also provide discounts and special rates for parents traveling with multiples. We’ve been there, we know how much stuff you need.

Like the father of triplets said to me, “If we don’t start traveling now, we never will.”