Car Seat or Cares?

We get lots of questions from parents when it comes to air travel and child restraints.

Delicious Baby ( just posted an interesting Reader question regarding her frustration with both using her Car Seat inflight and the Cares Harness.

Still not sure what would work best for you? Check out the reviews on Amazon


I’m still a fan of the GoGo Kidz Travelmate!


No, no it is not 24 hours of streaming Baby Einstein movies.

I recently got introduced to Who knew there was a whole TV channel (or at least an Internet-based television network) with everything baby?

The site has compiled some great articles on Family Travel (by air, by car…even by boat). Check out I really liked their videos (a bit salesy but great quality) from the ABC Kids Expo. Hopefully they will be there again this week when the show kicks off in Vegas!