Lake Louise Hiking

My family and I did some great hiking at Lake Louise recently and it got me to thinking about hiking as a family.

When my twins were babies we hiked with them in their Baby Bjorn carriers. They weighed around 10lbs and were pretty easy to carry. Luckily, they liked to sleep whenever we carried them this way.

When the twins were toddlers we moved them into backpack carriers. They liked sitting up high and being able to look out over top of us as we hiked. As they started to weigh closer to 30lbs it became challenging…

This year my twins are 6 years old and we are learning about how to hike with them at this age.. It’s more about the carrot and the stick for them than it is about enjoying nature but in the end we all get what we want. The kids get to eat candies on the way up the mountain and my husband and I are able to enjoy the scenery.

Family hiking in Banff/Lake Louise

I love seeing other families find creative ways to hike with kids at any age. Here is a quick photo I snapped of a Chariot carrier making its way up the Mirror Lake hike at Lake Louise.

Convertible Backpack Stroller

I’m always happy to see other families that are out there travelling when their kids are young.

I saw a very cute little lady riding through the Hilton Waimea (Big Island, Hawaii) with her mom in this sweet ride:

Kelty's convertible stroller/backpack

This innovative product combines a backpack and stroller all in one. A great way to get around the grounds of the hotel or do some sightseeing.

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