Winnipeg Moms: Location Closed

Are you a smart and sassy mom looking to take your work/life balance to the next level?

Baby Equipment Rental BusinessWe are a Baby Equipment Rental company with offices across Canada. We’ve been open in Winnipeg for 3 years and are looking for someone new to take on this location!

You need to be a self motivated Mom with experience in Customer Service, Marketing or Travel. You are ‘entrepreneurial minded’ and love the challenge of working hard to achieve your dreams.

We provide you with all the training, equipment and support you need to service customers and have a great part time income.

– 15 hours per week
– Flexibility to work on the days/times that work for you
– Excellent compensation package

Contact Stacey if you are interested in learning more about this business

Un-gooing my van

When a Calgary morning television show called last week to book me on their show, I was excited.

I really like BT Calgary ( and was excited to get a chance to talk about my baby equipment rental business, One Tiny Suitcase ( ) during the busy holiday travel season.

But, when they show’s producer said they wanted to do the segment IN my van, I panicked. I don’t know about you but I have two 4 year olds who eat, sleep, play, draw and spill stuff in my vehicle. The interior gets cleaned regularly but it never really looks ‘showroom’ ready. toyota-sienna

I ended up doing a frantic google search for car detailers in Calgary when I came across Mobile Reflections Their Mobile interior car cleaning service had been profiled on a Mom`s website a few months ago.

I booked them on the spot and they promptly showed up with all the necessary gear for un-gooing my van. 4 hours later my van was sparkling clean and ready for a close up. I highly recommend these guys!