A baby guide to ____________ (fill in the blank)

This week we were contacted by a family that was in Calgary on a work exchange. The couple and their 6 month old daughter were in Calgary for a few months from the UK. They wanted to do some site seeing before they had to go back home. They contacted us to rent some Baby Equipment for their trip to Jasper.

They said that they had heard about our service from a recommendation in a local book (see below) aimed at helping Calgary parents figure out all of the shops and services available when you have a new baby. The mom had ordered a copy of the book before they even arrived in Calgary so she would be armed with all the ‘must have’ information about beA Baby Guide to Calgarying a mom in the city.

Here it is: Paula McGarrigle is the author of A Baby Guide to Calgary. She wrote this, “handbook for parents to provide information on what is available in Calgary during parental leave”. It contains details on everything from parks to preschools (and a baby travel section too).

It got me to thinking… I have a friend staying in New York City for a couple of weeks while her husband is working there. Any chance there is A Baby Guide to the Big Apple?

City Baby NY

Why yes, there is www.citybabyny.com