Breakfast Television Edmonton

When we were asked to be on Edmonton’s Breakfast Television show we were thrilled.

Open since June 2009, the Edmonton location of One Tiny Suitcase baby equipment rentals has been growing like crazy.


One Tiny Suitcase on Breakfast Televison Edmonton

Many thanks to the crew at Breakfast Television for making us feel so welcome. Our service is new to the city of Edmonton and your profile of the business will help us to get the word out!

Canadian Baby Equipment Rentals

I was at a very swanky party earlier this week. There were tents, a grand piano, and an unusually high proportion of people I had only ever seen and heard on TV before. Not my usual scene…

During a conversation with a member of very handsome 4some of Canadian male singers, he mentioned how it was a difficult life trying to travel with his group and leaving his wife and infant son at home. Their touring schedule included many stops that were only a day or two each in duration. He was planning on bringing wife and baby along on future tour stops.

I was happy to share details of a Canada-wide group of baby equipment rental companies who are here to help with making Baby Travel a little easier. Not a celebrity? That’s okay, rates start as low as $5/day!