4-35lbs Peg Perego Infant Car Seat Rental

infant car seat rental We have just added the newest Peg Perego Primo Viaggio infant car seat rental into our inventory.

This seat can be used from as early as 4lbs and has 3 different cushions to make sure babies of all sizes get the perfect fit.

We are carrying it in the color scheme called ‘Atmosphere’. A very chic black/grey to go with our coordinating Peg Perego Stroller rentals.

Don’t lug your brand new infant car seat through the airport and risk putting it in baggage where it will get tossed around with the luggage. Contact us for easy rentals in Calgary & Edmonton.

TripAdvisor Forum: Air Travel with Baby

Moms are always looking for advice from other mom’s who have ‘been there’. Have a look at this thread on TripAdvisor’s forum from a mom who recently flew internationally with her little one. Her experience ranged from getting excellent service on one flight to be ignored on the next.

baby air travel, traveling with baby, air canada family travel

There are a few good take-aways here about how to prepare for the good, the bad and the ‘ugly’….




Peg Perego Travel System Rentals

I prepped and delivered this Peg Perego travel system for a client arriving at the Calgary Airport this week.

We have always been big fans of the Peg Perego baby equipment and the brand has been in our inventory since day one back in 2006.

This client chose a combination of the new Peg Perego primo viaggio 30/30 infant car seat and the Peg Perego Vela stroller. The Vela stroller is a very cool item. It is a light weight stroller that still has all the features of a much bulkier stroller. It easily accommodate the infant car seat, offers a nearly full recline, can be steered with one hand and folds flat and easily to fit in the back of a trunk.

baby travel system rentalsBaby Equipment rentals pEG SYSTEM TOP

We also offer the Peg Perego Uno stroller as part of a Travel System. It is an awesome stroller too, just a little heavier and bulkier. pram for hire

All Peg Perego travel systems in our inventory are only $60/week. http://www.OneTinySuitcase.ca

Disney Cruise with your Baby?

Babies Travel Lite has been the leader in Baby Supply delivery service for many years. They just announced a new partnership with Disney Cruise Lines.

Disney Cruise Ships

Planning a Disney Cruise? Now you can pre-order and have delivered to your room, items like Diapers, Wipes, Formula, Baby Food and more. Imagine all the space you will save in your suitcase. Visit www.babiestravellite.com

Babies Travel Lite


Rentals for Baby…Abroad

I came across a great blog today about an American family that is living and working in Italy with their young daughter.

The blog (La Vita E Belle) covers a wide variety of topics but I found her two posts on Baby Equipment Rentals abroad to be very interesting.

Paris stroller rentals

Looking to rent baby gear in Amsterdam? http://lavitaebellablog.com/blog/2013/04/23/how-to-rent-baby-equipment-in-amsterdam/

Stroller rental in Paris? http://lavitaebellablog.com/blog/2012/12/24/renting-a-stroller-in-paris-bambiloo-review/

Not travelling to Amsterdam or Paris and looking for Baby Equipment Rentals in other countries? http://www.babiestravellite.com/baby-equipment-rental-worldwide.html

You can also just Google, “baby equipment rentals ______” fill in the blank with the city/country you are travelling too to find the best match!

How to keep little hands busy on the plane!

Feeling anxious about taking your very active toddler on an airplane? Here are some inexpensive and simple items to pack in your carry on to keep those little hands busy (and passengers sitting near you happy too!)

-Crayons & colouring book – what kid doesn’t love to colour?

-Stickers and paper to stick stickers on

-Individually gift wrap trinkets/toys from the dollar store – kids love opening presents and this has always been a huge hit with my son!

-Pom Pom game – get some pom poms and an empty margarine container, cut a hole in the top, and let the stuffing game begin!

-Fruit Loops necklace – get some fruit loops and string, and your toddler will have fun making this necklace and eating it too!

Renting toys at your destination is a great way to beat boredom for your child at grandma and grandpas place too! One Tiny Suitcase rents toys suited for all ages.

(Kristina will be guest blogging for us in April & May 2013. As a busy mom of a very active toddler, she knows the ropes of family travel!)

Airline Response- Gate checked stroller damaged

Family air travel with WestjetStroller Rentals in CalgaryI am happy to report that after a wonderful trip to Hawaii and a not so wonderful experience with our gate check stroller arriving in Kauai damaged, I have a resolution after only a few days at home.

In my previous post I told you about how our gate checked stroller had arrived at our destination severely damaged. We tried to repair it so that it could be used on the trip but it was bent beyond repair. After buying an $18 stroller at Walmart, I realized how inconvenient this damaged stroller situation was going to be.

The airline agent at the Kauai airport took pictures of the damages and had us fill out a claim. When we arrived back home in Calgary we were immediately contacted by Central Baggage Services who offered to reimburse us for the replacement value of the stroller. A faxed copy of the receipt for the replacement stroller was all it took!

Amazing experience dealing with this airline. Unfortunate that we had to scramble to replace our stroller in Kauai, but we made the best of it. The Airline did all they could to rectify the situation. All in all, a good experience.

Thank you Westjet.

Peg Perego reviews

I have been a long time lover of just about everything Peg Perego creates. Talk about brand loyalty.

carseat rentals

The Peg Perego double stroller was my first purchase when I was expecting the twins. That thing was nearly indestructible. When I started by Baby Equipment Rental business, I knew I wanted to continue carrying the Peg Perego brand.

Today, after more than 5 years in business, I continue to add Peg Perego product to my inventory in Calgary, Edmonton & Winnipeg.

One of my favorite sites for Baby Travel Tips also seems to have a love for Peg Perego. Corinne from Have Baby Will Travel posted a review of a Peg Perego travel system that she and her family used for a trip to Quebec.

Love your Peg Perego infant car seat but don’t want to lug it on the plane? Call us– we’ll have one waiting for you!

Sweetmama: Have kids will travel

We were thrilled to see the online e-newsletter Sweetmama cover our baby equipment rental business, One Tiny Suitcase.

The article Have Kids Will Travel highlighted some of our newest offerings. We’ve just added some fabulous folding cribs to our baby equipment rental line up. These cribs are super easy to use and can fit in the back of your car for easy transport.

They also mentioned our Medela breast pump rentals. We are the only company to offer reservations for these hospital grade breast pump rentals. Reserve one in advance and be guaranteed one is delivered to your door within 24 hours of baby’s arrival. Now that’s convenient!

Classics never go out of style

My sister is pregnant with her first baby and I am so excited for her. As the little sister who had twins a few years ago she informed me that it was my job to tell her all the ‘baby things’ she is going to need.Baby Bjorn carriers

We went to a local baby store to register her for all of this ‘stuff’. Top of the list was a Baby Bjorn carrier. It is one of those baby items that I an recommend without question.

New baby gear comes along all the time but the Baby Bjorn carrier has not been improved upon by any other product in my opinion.

Aside from just day to day use, my Baby Bjorn carriers were invaluable for travel. My carriers were used for getting us from the car into the airport, around the airport before our flight and were very helpful in navigating the narrow aisles of a plane with a baby and a carry on bag.

There are few ‘classics’ that I would recommend, but this is one of them!