Banff Baby Strollers

Our strollers seem to be spending more time in Banff these days than I am. Customers are calling in everyday looking for an all-terrain stroller that they can take with them to Banff. One of my favorite stroller recommendations is the ZOOPER.


This brand of stroller has been part of our inventory since our opening Day in 2006 ( . Tough as nails, full of features and comes with so many custom accessories it can battle any kind of weather. Here are 5 reasons why the ZOOPER is so good for a winter trip:

1. The Winter Boot– included with all ZOOPER stroller rentals, this ‘boot’ or ‘foot muff’ as it is sometimes called, protects little one’s feet and never needs a blanket.

2. Recline–¬†most strollers recline but this stroller really reclines (to flat) for nap time. You can also easily reverse the seat if you want baby facing you too.

3. Swivel– like the flexibilty of a front wheel that can swivel? This stroller can do both, easily change the front wheel from fixed to swivel with a flick of the swivel lock located on the handle. A fixed front wheel will be easier for getting through the snow and over curbs but the swivel wheel allows you to turn it on a dime.

4. Custom rain cover– which in Canada doubles as a snow cover. ‘Custom’ means it was made for the Zooper which means your little one will be protected and comfortable.

5. It’s Cute– it’s really cute. Our latest model is Midnight blue¬†with the little ZOOPER logo.