Banff Springs Rentals

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is one of my favorite places to stay in Alberta. The history, the architecture and the surroundings make it an amazing place to stay.

On a recent trip to the Banff Springs Hotel I stopped by the Banff Springs Ski Shop to check out their Chariot carrier rentals.

Chariot carrier rentals

Alberta parents know that Chariot carriers are a must have in our environment. $45/day gets you the all-terrain stroller for exploring Banff National Park.

Pictured here is a Chariot in use on the trail at Lake Louise. Your little one can stay protected from the elements while still getting to see all that the area has to offer.

For more information on hikes in the area, have a look here.

Snow Baby

Calgary & Banff are finally snowy! It happened later than usual here in Alberta. Tomorrow is the first day of December and the kids and I were still riding our bikes last week!

With the snow and winter finally here it’s time to start thinking about getting outside with baby. Many of our customers are travelling to Alberta for a winter vacation and have questions about just what kind of gear they will need.

Here is our Top 5 list of Winter Gear for Baby:

1. Leave your stroller at home and bring baby out in a sled like this one: Banff Baby Travel

2. Want to try skating with  your toddler? Bring one of these to the rink:

3. Keep warm on a winter walk with this cover for your Baby Bjorn: Winter Baby Parka

4. High winds and blowing snow are a part of winter here. You’ll need one of these: Winter car seat cover

5. If you  like to cross-country ski, this is a great way to bring your baby along:
Chariot Cross Country Ski Attachment

Banff Hiking with Baby

My kids reached a very cool milestone this weekend in Banff.

We have been hiking with our twins since they were 3 months old. We started out by each wearing one of them in a front facing Baby Bjorn carrier. When they got a little bigger we moved them to the MEC baby backpacks. We used our backpacks until the kids were 3 years old!


On Sunday, my husband and I decided that our backs could no longer support 40lbs each. It was finally time to try hiking with the kids without any child carriers.

We had a plan to make the trip ‘up’ pretty relaxed, not trying to get there quickly. We played “I Spy”, stopped for lots of water breaks AND each kid got 1 piggy back ride from me as we got closer to the summit.

When we made it to the top of Tunnell Mountain and looked out over the town of Banff I felt so proud of the kids. My husband and I agreed that we need to keep these family Hikes part of our leisure time together. It was a great experience for all of us!

My desire to get back into hiking was spurred on by a recent post on Savvy Mom’s website Heart Creek Trail is next on my list with the kids!

Free Fisher Price Booster Seat Rental

If you are traveling to Calgary, Banff or Edmonton this summer make sure you check out our Free Fisher Price Booster Seat Rental offer at One Tiny Suitcase.

With the rental of any other item, like our MEC baby backpacks, BRITAX car seats or PEG PEREGO strollers (just to name a few), you will receive a FREE booster seat rental as well.

This video demonstrates how easy the booster seat is to use and how you can customize it to suit your child’s age and ability. Use with the tray or without, change the seat’s height and fold it up for easy transport, this chair has it all.

Here’s the link to the special offer:

How to be a rock star on your next family vacation!

Okay, we admit it…we are big Bonjovi fans (well at least my mom is). So when we heard that Tico Torres (the drummer in the band BonJovi) had designed a line of ultra cool baby gear we had to see more. Who puts on more miles than a rock star? He obviously knew the features that parents on the go need because this stroller has it all!

The Rock Star Baby Strollers ( are an ultra-cool, Bugaboo-like, lean mean strolling machine.

When it comes to travel why not travel like a Rock Star? The Rock Star Baby Stroller is now available for rent from One Tiny Suitcase ( . With or without the bassinet attachment (and just for the record, our stroller does not include the skull and cross bone detail but instead sports the very cool Rock Star Baby logo) your baby will look cool on the streets of Calgary and Banff!