Budget Travel- 12 Best Hot Springs Worth Travelling For

Budget Travel‘s site just put out a list of the 12 Hot Springs Worth Travelling for.

I was happy to see that our own Banff Upper Hot Springs was high on the list. As Albertans, we are lucky to have this natural spring so close to home.

Thinking about taking the kids to this Hot Springs? It has a great shallow/kiddie pool with the same natural hot springs water. There are always a few children playing in this pool!family friendly banff, hot springs pool for kids, banff hot springs baby

 I happen to take a dip in the healing waters just this week and noticed a very cool addition to the entrance of the Hot Springs…..in celebration of The Year of the Dragon, a giant sculpture made of snow and ice!

People Soup in Banff

The last time we were in Banff with the kids we decided to stop in at the Banff Hot Springs (www.hotsprings.ca) .

We used to know of a ‘locals’ only way to get admission into one of the swanky hotels to use their outdoor hot pools but they have since discontinued that (darn it). The kids had never been to the outdoor Banff Hot Springs so we thought it would be fun.

AD 42404

They have a shallow pool for just for kids in the middle of the Hot Springs. Although it was very cool in the winter with snow and ice all over the sides of the pool, the kids thought it was awesome.

Unfortunately, the Hot Springs really drain my energy but they didn’t seem to have the same effect on the kids. I barely had enough strength to carry my daughter through the warm water. It is like being in a big bathtub or as some call it “People Soup”.

A family of four can gain access to the Hot Springs for around $22.50CDN. You can also download a Travel Alberta coupon at http://www.travelalbertalive.com/holidaycard.cfm.