Medela’s NEW Symphony PLUS Breast Pump Rental

As one of Alberta’s largest Medela rental stations we have had the privilege of getting the first of Medela’s newest Hospital Grade Breast Pump rental programs!

Breast Pump Rental


The Symphony PLUS breast pump improves upon the most popular breast pump on the market. This program has been,

“developed specifically to support mothers throughout their lactation journey: to initiate, build and maintain an adequate milk production. “

The new INITIATE program that is included in the Symphony PLUS is used directly after birth. This program runs on the pump automatically for 15 minutes per session. The unique suction pattern is designed to help initiate your milk supply in the early days. medela Symphony PLUS breast pump

“The Symphony initiation technology mimics the irregular and more rapid sucking and pausing pattern of a term born infant in the first days of lactation and supports pump-dependent mothers to successfully initiate milk production.”

Once you have pumped at least 20ml of milk in 3 consecutive pumping sessions, you are ready to move on to the MAINTAIN program, also included with the Symphony PLUS.

If you are looking for the best breast pump on the market, the Symphony from Medela is by far the most efficient pump available. This double breast pump is hospital grade and what you will use if you deliver in an Alberta hospital.

Have questions? Email us or Call for more information on how to reserve one of the Medela Symphony Breast Pumps. Our Breast Pump rentals include FREE delivery in Calgary & Edmonton right to your door. We show you how to set up the breastpump and get started!

Consumer Reports: Best Breast Pump Buying Guide

Consumer Reports has researched and reviewed everything from sports cars to dishwashers. They are the authority on all the things we like to purchase. They recently completed a report on Breast Pumps. They test and review everything from Hospital Grade Breast Pumps to small hand held manual pumps. Not sure what you will need? Here is what they had to say:

“Consider renting a hospital-grade breast pump if you’re not sure how long you’ll need to use a pump or if you know you’ll need to pump for only a short time and you plan to be home with your baby. If you expect to use a breast pump regularly, especially if you plan to return to work, buy a top-quality midweight, personal-use, automatic model at the best price you can find. This caliber of pump will help you to get a significant volume of milk in a given time and will be your best bet for maintaining your milk supply. If you plan to use a breast pump only occasionally, a manual pump or a small electric or battery-operated one will probably be all you need.”

breastpump rentals

They even go into the pro’s and con’s of each type of pump:

Hospital-grade breast pumps

These electric powerhouses are about the size of a car battery and can weigh 5 to 11 pounds. Manufactured for users in hospitals and for those who choose to rent, they have sensitive controls that allow you to regulate suction rhythm, intensity, and pressure. Some have a pumping action that’s almost identical to a baby’s natural sucking, which can help to build and maintain your milk supply. A hospital-grade pump can cut pumping sessions in half–to just 15 minutes with a dual pump, which empties both breasts at once. These are expensive to buy, but you can rent them from hospitals, medical-supply stores, lactation consultants, drugstores, and specialty retail stores. Choose this option if nursing is difficult because your baby has trouble latching on, if you’re not sure how much you’ll need a breast pump but you want one on hand just in case, if you plan to pump for three months or less from home, or if you must dramatically increase your milk supply and need the power of a hospital-grade pump.

Pros: They’re fast and efficient. Many are also light, comparable to a midweight, personal-use automatic pump.
Cons: Even though some come with a rechargeable battery and an adapter for use in a vehicle, many don’t come with a discreet carrying case. You wouldn’t want to lug one to and from work every day because it can be awkward and heavy.
Got more questions? Read the full report here. Or visit our website


Calgary Medela Freestyle breastpump

We have ended up with a few extra Medela Freestyle breastpumps in our inventory this month.

sale medela freestyleWe are discounting these units at $439 for quick sale. If you are interested in the best personal use breastpump on the market, this is the one.

The new packaging includes samples of the Pump n Save milk storage bags, Medela’s tendercare lanolin and their disposable breast pads.

We provide FREE delivery with all MEDELA Freestyle orders in Calgary. Call now while quantities last! 403-510-2005

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Looking for the best breast pump on the market? Look no further than the MEDELA Symphony hospital grade breast pump.

medela symphony, medela pump, breastpump rent, madela breast pumpKnown as being the most efficient double pump available, the symphony is available by rental only (it retails for over $3500).

We have a Blog special offer available in CALGARY ONLY. Prepay for your first 3 months and pay only $200 (Reg. $80/month) with code MEDIBLOG

This offer expires November 15, 2012 OFFER EXTENDED TO NOVEMBER 30, 2012 and is only available for Calgary rentals.

Our Breastpump rentals also include FREE Delivery!

Call us at 403-208-1167

Premature Babies and Breastmilk

Having your baby àhead of schedule` is a tough way to start. I should know, my twins came early at 34 weeks. Weighing only about 3 and 4lbs each, they just needed more time.

The nurses at the hospital were really clear that I would need to start expressing breastmilk as quickly as I could. They stressed the importance of feeding the twins breastmilk as much, and as soon as I could. They set me up on a Medela Symphony breastpump and I began breastpumping the day they were born.

breastpump for preemies

Medela`s website has some great statistics on the importance of feeding breastmilk to preemies. It reinforces how crucial the early days for a preemie are and how important my job as a new mom was.

My experience with my premature twins led me to become and authorized rental station for the same Medela pumps I used in the hopsital years ago.

For Medela Symphony breastpump rentals visit us at