World Prematurity Day

World Prematurity Day:  November 17 2019

First celebrated in 2011, World Prematurity Day is observed each year to raise awareness about the complex issues faced by premature babies and their families. 

According to Alberta Health, 3590 babies were born preterm in 2016.  As of 2018, Alberta has a higher rate of preterm births than any other province. 

Preemie babies are more vulnerable to infections and illnesses and may spend weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where they are hooked up to intravenous lines and feeding tubes.

Many families find that a breast pump reduces some of their stress during this challenging time.  Both parents, as well as other family members and nursing staff can participate in providing the baby with mother’s breast milk.  This is a great comfort when mom can’t be at baby’s side 24 hours a day. 

Breast milk is easier for baby to digest and it contains protective agents that can help protect baby from certain illnesses and infections. 

Medela has been supporting breast-feeding moms and babies for more than 50 years.  No wonder they are the #1 recommended brand.

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Medela brand breast pump
Medela Symphony Breast Pump


In May of 2019, baby equipment rental company, One Tiny Suitcase celebrates 13 years of successful business in Alberta. Launched in 2006, One Tiny Suitcase has come a long way since the humble beginnings in a NW Calgary basement. Started by Stacey Corbett, a mother of twins, this unique rental service has experienced notable growth, expanding to include an office in Edmonton in addition to our original Calgary location. In May 2018, Murray, Odette and Danielle became the new owners of this fabulous business. They have enjoyed meeting new and returning customers and look forward to the years to come.

We specialize in short term rentals of equipment for babies and families visiting Alberta. Find the baby gear you need with us! Our most popular items include Britax, Diono and Peg Perego car seats, for infants to toddlers to your big kids too. In addition, new Calgary mothers are pleased to be able to rent our hospital grade Medela Breast Pumps. They receive them where they need it, in a timely manner with no delivery charge.

As a proud member of Tourism Calgary, we have partnered with key members of the business community to provide rentals to charity events, the hospitality industry, community gatherings and visitors to world class events like the Calgary Stampede.

We continuously strives to serve our clients’ needs by offering the latest equipment rentals with a high level of service.  We appreciate the support that our customers and community partners have demonstrated over the years. They have played a big role in our growth and success. THANK YOU!

Breastmilk storage guidelines

Part of the personalized service we provide with our Medela Symphony (hospital grade) breastpump rentals is talking to new moms about how to set up the pump and start using it.

A common question often comes up about how to store freshly expressed breastmilk until you are ready to feed baby. Medela has a great guide to help:

medela breast pumpsSome moms are surprised that breastmilk can be stored in the freezer for up to 12 months. Many of my clients have enough milk stored in their freezers to continue feeding breastmilk long after they have stopped breastfeeding.

The Medela Symphony breastpump is the most efficient double electric breastpump I have seen. If you decide you want to pump, you have to try a Symphony first!

MedelaMe iphone App

MedelaMe is an iPhone app used to keep track of your breastfeeding routine. Developed by Medela it is the perfect compliment to your Symphony (hospital grade) breast pump rental.



When updating the “minuteMe” feature in the app, you see at one glance your babies feeding times and pumping-sessions, as well as sleeping and crying times. What a great way to track those details when you are tired and sleep deprived.


You can use the data on your phone to update your doctor or midwife of baby’s progress.

Get your breastfeeding routine organized with medelaMe. The app is free!

Renting a Breast Pump

Many of the calls I get about the MEDELA breast pumps we carry are from Moms before their baby has arrived.

Calgary breast pump rentals

A common question is, “Why would I rent a pump and not just buy one?” There are lots of reasons why it makes sense to rent one of the MEDELA Symphony (hospital grade) breast pump. Here are a few:

  • You may only need to pump for the first few weeks while you are learning to breastfeed. A rental is a great way to get you through the first little bit of breastfeeding without investing in a pump if you don’t need one long term.
  • If you are planning to travel and need to be away from your baby for a little bit. A breast pump rental will allow you to keep up your milk supply while you are away.
  • The Hospital Grade Breast Pumps are powerful and reliable. There is a reason why the hospitals bring you a Symphony pump if you need one in the hospital. They are known as being the best!

If you want more information on renting a breast pump or our guaranteed reservation system please visit our website at