Edmonton Breast Pumps for New Moms

Thinking about using a Breast Pump when your baby arrives. We carry the MEDELA Symphony hospital grade breast pump rentals in Edmonton?

medela Breast Pump Rental

Hospital grade breast pump

The Medela Symphony (hospital grade) breast pump is best suited for moms with a baby in the hospital, medical issues after birth or for those who simply want the best, most efficient pump available.

The Symphony (hospital grade pump) is designed to help build and maintain a milk supply. This is especially important if breastfeeding does not go well right away. Protect your supply by pumping on a regular basis until you and baby have figured things out. For those moms who plan to pump exclusively, save time by using the most efficient double breast pump on the market. Double pumping with a hospital grade pump can be done in as little as 15 minutes per session.

Rentals are only $99/month (compare to your local pharmacy at $120/month) and offer more value by delivering the pump to your door and showing you how to set it up and get started.

Payment is simple, we take your credit card details at the time of delivery. Go month to month after that or use our daily rate of $4.

We also carry the Double Pumping starter kit for the Medela Symphony Pumps. It includes bottles, breastshields, a Micro Steam Cleaning bag, pump n save bags, nursing pads and even the popular Calma feeding nipple. Kits are $79 and we can bring one out with your rental.

medela double pumping kitYour hospital grade breastpump rental may also be covered under your Employer Health Benefits. Ask us how to get coverage and be reimbursed back for the cost of your rental. Many plans are starting to cover the cost of a Breastpump, you just need to ask!

If you have a child in the NICU or with special medical needs you will often have coverage for a Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rental with your health insurance. Medela surveyed the major insurance providers and 77 % of them provide coverage in this type of situation but you may need pre-authorization or a prescription.

Here is what customers are saying about our service:
“Rented a breast pump from them and they were amazing to deal with! Fantastic service and they even dropped it off and picked it up from my house!”

Call our Edmonton office 587-784-0212 edmonton@onetinysuitcase.ca

MedelaMe App for Breast Pumping

Using a Breastpump and need a tool to keep track of feedings?

The MedelaMe is an iPhone app used to keep track of your breastfeeding routine. Developed by Medela it is the perfect compliment to your Symphony (hospital grade) breast pump rental.


When updating the “minuteMe” feature in the app, you see at one glance your babies feeding times and pumping-sessions, as well as sleeping and crying times. What a great way to track those details when you are tired and sleep deprived.

With this FREE App you can:

  1. Record when and how long you breastfeed your baby
  2. Monitor your baby’s sleeping pattern and behaviour
  3. Snapshots on the go or at home can easily be synchronized with your Facebook page

Get your breastfeeding routine organized with medelaMe now.

You can use the data on your phone to update your doctor or midwife of baby’s progress. Having your phone at your side for feedings will allow you to stay organized and on track.

Our Medela Symphony Breast Pump rentals include FREE delivery right to your door. Just call us when you are ready for delivery and we will bring the breastpump right to you and show you how to use it and maximize your pumping sessions. Edmonton 587-784-0212 Calgary 403-510-2005


Medela breastfeeding guidelines

New baby? Wondering if they are getting enough breast milk? This is a common question from our clients with brand new babies.

Medela has developed a great guide to show you what to expect in the first few days and weeks with your new baby:

medela breastfeeding resourceStill not sure if baby is getting enough? Some moms find it helpful in the early stages of breastfeeding to weigh baby pre and post feed to know exactly how much they are taking in. A baby weigh scale is a great tool to have at home to track your baby’s progress.

baby weigh scale rentalsWe rent Baby Weigh Scales and Medela Symphony (hospital grade) breastpumps at www.OneTinySuitcase.ca 

Short Maternity leave or shared Parental leave

Many of our customers who rent the MEDELA Symphony breastpump do so because they are going to have a shorter parental leave and want to continue breastpumping when they go back to work.

womansymphony_in_use_querThe MEDELA website recently published a page on ways to make breastpumping while being away from your baby successful. There are lots of good tips for how to get the most out of that new routines.

From personal experience, I know many of those tips work. When my twins were born early and had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks, I had to pump whenever I was away from them and then bring the milk back to the hospital to feed them.

One of the things MEDELA recommends is having a picture or video of your baby on when you are pumping as it has been proven to help stimulate the milk ejection reflex. I definitely found more success pumping when the babies were in the same room than when I was alone without them. A picture or video is the next best thing if you can’t be with them.

Premature Babies and Breastmilk

Having your baby àhead of schedule` is a tough way to start. I should know, my twins came early at 34 weeks. Weighing only about 3 and 4lbs each, they just needed more time.

The nurses at the hospital were really clear that I would need to start expressing breastmilk as quickly as I could. They stressed the importance of feeding the twins breastmilk as much, and as soon as I could. They set me up on a Medela Symphony breastpump and I began breastpumping the day they were born.

breastpump for preemies

Medela`s website has some great statistics on the importance of feeding breastmilk to preemies. It reinforces how crucial the early days for a preemie are and how important my job as a new mom was.

My experience with my premature twins led me to become and authorized rental station for the same Medela pumps I used in the hopsital years ago.

For Medela Symphony breastpump rentals visit us at www.OneTinySuitcase.ca