Insurance Coverage for Breastpump Rentals

The last time we exhibited at the Calgary Baby Show, I had a great chat with a representative from MEDELA about their Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rentals.

Breast Pump RentalsTurns out, insurance companies are starting to cover the cost of these devices due to the health benefits of breastfeeding and lactation.

This is great news for new moms who want the benefit of a breastpump to assist with breastfeeding. Many of our customers rent the MEDELA Symphony double breast pump to establish a good milk supply in the first few weeks and to enable co-feeding by their spouses.

Here is a link to the MEDELA information about reimbursement and coverage through Health Care Plans.

Edmonton’s Mommylicious Trade Fair

We’re looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of new moms and expectant moms at the Mommylicious Trade Fair March 6, 2011 in Edmonton.

Held at the Mayfield Inn & Suites (16615-109 Avenue) in the Grand Ballroom.

Edmonton breast pump rent

One Tiny Suitcase will be exhibiting at this trade fair and highlighting our Medela Breast Pump Rentals.