BRITAX- a safety leader

Okay, I admit it- I love BRITAX car seats.

BRITAX car seats

BRITAX car seats

Since starting my baby equipment rental business in 2006 I started carrying the BRITAX Roundabout and Marathon car seats.

After using these fabulous seats, I can’t recommend anything else.

They are comfortable, easy to use, easy to install and most importantly- one of the safest car seats on the market.

Check out BRITAX’s website for tips on traveling with young children, car seat safety information and the article:  

How & When to Use A Car Seat This Summer

V.Kid- Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic Airline announced that they are now offering car seats for use on their flights. Parents who purchase a seat for their infant/toddler can now request one of these seats when booking their flight. This is no BRITAX though (thank you British Airways), see pictures below:

The seats look less than comfortable but I guess you have to sacrifice something. And besides, Virgin also offers a special menu for kids including a fish stick option, over 35 Nintendo games with their inflight entertainment system and a special V.Kid backpack filled with fun things to do. What more could a parent ask for?

(If you are a parent and are saying to  yourself, “there has to be more” check out our previous post titled British Airways & BRITAX).



British Airways and Britax

British Airways announced this summer that they will be flying into the Calgary airport on a regular schedule again. Yipee!

We seem to have more and more friends living here from the UK. One of my friends just came back from a trip to England with her 3 year old and 5 year old. Deciding whether or not to take her own car seats on board was a dilemma that stressed her out.

Well, leave it to a company like British Airways to offer families all the amenities of first class travel. The airline is now offering BRITAX car seats (known as the best in the biz) for use on board their flights. Their website says that, “We (BA) also have a limited number of on-board Britax seats which are attached to the bassinet positions. These seats are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis and can be requested from cabin crew on-board the aircraft.”

How cool is that! Now all my British mommy friends can travel back home to see family and friends with one less stresser on the trip.