Family and the City (NYC that is)

Four Seasons Hotel for familiesThinking of planning a trip to the big apple with baby in tow? What better way to experience this fabulous city than by staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York!

This ultra luxury hotel hasn’t forgot about the needs of their smallest guests. Upon request, child size bathrobes will be waiting in your room along with baby shampoo.

Complimentary use of a Diaper Genie and Bottle Warmer will keep everyone in your room happy. Strollers are also available for nap time strolls through central park! 

A bit of a worry wart? Baby-proofed rooms are also offered as part of this family-friendly property. 

While all the other gals are on the Sex and the City tours, you and your family can experience the family-friendly New York we haven’t seen on HBO (well….I guess there were a few shots of Miranda, Brady and her Bugaboo)!

With or Without a Bugaboo

Have you been to the Bugaboo website ( lately? You know the company, they make those fabulous strollers that everyone seems to be ‘driving’ these days.Bugaboo Stroller

I swear, in another life I would have been one of those moms who had the Bugaboo stroller and walks around downtown, sipping her tall non fat latte, while wearing heels. Instead I traded in my SUV for a mini van, my dreams of a stylish Bugaboo stroller were replaced with a twin stroller (Peg Perego, mind you) and wearing heels is about a ‘once a month’ occurrence.

Even though I never made it into the ‘elite stroller group’ I can still dream of fabulous walks through art galleries and markets in cities around the globe with my little ones. Bugaboo has a link on their site for day-trips (stroller friendly of course) in some pretty fabulous cities. Check out

One of my favorite cities, Copenhagen has a day-trip mapped out that includes a visit to a dragon play ground and a stop at the Danish Design Center. A girl can dream….