Fabulous Customer Email

Britax Car Seat Rentals

I’m always pleased to hear that client’s travels with their little ones have gone well.

This Australian Dad, who had recently spent the week in Canmore, Ablerta with his wife and two children, took the time to send me this email,
“We were so grateful for the car seats, the whole process was so easy and stress free. Thank you!”

We delivered two BRITAX Marathon car seats to the Calgary Airport for this family. Sounds like they got some good use out of them!

Marathon 65

Peg Perego Travel System Rentals

I prepped and delivered this Peg Perego travel system for a client arriving at the Calgary Airport this week.

We have always been big fans of the Peg Perego baby equipment and the brand has been in our inventory since day one back in 2006.

This client chose a combination of the new Peg Perego primo viaggio 30/30 infant car seat and the Peg Perego Vela stroller. The Vela stroller is a very cool item. It is a light weight stroller that still has all the features of a much bulkier stroller. It easily accommodate the infant car seat, offers a nearly full recline, can be steered with one hand and folds flat and easily to fit in the back of a trunk.

baby travel system rentalsBaby Equipment rentals pEG SYSTEM TOP

We also offer the Peg Perego Uno stroller as part of a Travel System. It is an awesome stroller too, just a little heavier and bulkier. pram for hire

All Peg Perego travel systems in our inventory are only $60/week. www.OneTinySuitcase.ca

Baby’s First Flight

My twins are 6 years old now and although I speak to new moms everyday at One Tiny Suitcase, I sometimes forget the anxiety that can come with being a new mom.

My sister recently had a beautiful baby boy. It’s been great seeing my sister experiencing everything that comes with a new baby.

One Tiny Suitcase at the Calgary Airport

This week she experienced another FIRST. Baby’s first flight. A Calgary to Winnipeg trip to introduce baby to flying. She asked me to take her to the airport for the ‘big trip’. Although I’m up at the Calgary Airport daily picking up and dropping off car seats for my customers, I kind of forgot about some of the challenges with flying with a baby.

My sister decided to check her stroller and car seat in as checked baggage. She carried the baby in the Baby Bjorn and made arrangements for the rest of the gear she will need in Winnipeg.

Even the smallest tasks that some of us might take for granted are made more difficult with a baby strapped to the front of you. Collapsing the stroller, lifting luggage on to the scale, placing the folded up stroller on the conveyor belt at the oversized luggage drop, etc. I was glad that I waited with the two of them until they had completed all of those tasks. An extra set of hands was crucial!

I’m so proud of them for making the journey at only 6 weeks old. Turns out, the little man slept the whole flight! Yeah!

Calgary Airport Pick Ups

One Tiny Suitcase at the Calgary Airport

Arriving at the Calgary International Airport with your baby? Arrange for a Car Seat or Stroller rental to be waiting for you!

At One Tiny Suitcase we have teamed up with Tourism Calgary to provide our customers with the convenience of a Calgary Airport drop off/pick up location.

Just place your order with One Tiny Suitcase and pick your baby equipment rentals up on the Arrivals level of the Calgary Airport. Open from 6am-11pm daily. What could be easier!


1-877-One Tiny

YYC Calgary Airport

I spend a lot of time in the Calgary International Airport. Summer is a busy time of year for One Tiny Suitcase and many of our customers pick up their baby equipment rentals there.

My kids love the airport. There is a certain buzz in the airport that draws them in, that and the numerous play centers! Whenever I get the chance to bring the kids with me to the airport, I do.

This week they were especially entertained by the kids play area across from the International Arrivals area.


yycspinIf you are looking to kill some time while waiting at the airport in Calgary- check it out.

Waiting in Seattle?

Waiting in Edmonton?


Have you found a great kid’s areas at an airport? Tell us in the comments and help us reach our donation goal. For every comment we receive on the blog in August, we will make a cash donation to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter. Thanks!

Go go baby!

There are some really cool products on the market for travelling with kids and I see a lot of them.

On our last flight to Maui we chose to use the gogo Kidz Travelmates so we could wheel the twins right up to the gate in their favorite (and safest) car seats, the BRITAX Roundabouts. There is about a 30 minute walk in the Vancouver airport from the domestic arrivals to the International departures and the gogo Kidz allowed us to get there super fast. The kids just leaned back and enjoyed the ride! img00008gogocalgary1

For the holiday season we will be renting out a selection of gogo Kidz Travelmates for your holiday travels ($35/trip).

You might also be interested in the CARES harness (on sale right now for $55.95 at (www.amazon.com ). As with everything, make sure you check out the customer reviews before deciding which travel accessory is right for you. This one has been getting mixed reviews and can only be used on certain airlines.

The Sit n Stroll car seat/strollercombination from by Lily Gold is also another option to get you to the gate and on your way. A much bigger investment at around $250, you can pick one of these up online (www.strollerdepot.com).

Family Trip Planning and Packing

Budget Travel magazine ( a staple for families) published an article recently that gave families tips on how to plan and pack for their next vacation.

Budget Travel Magazine

They suggest letting children start packing their own mini suitcase at the age of 3 or 4, the abundance of anti-bacterial wipes needed, and they also recommended using a Baby Equipment Rental Service while on your trip for all that bulky baby gear.


I’m always happy to see Travel Publications promoting services like ours. Just this weekend I was contacted by a frantic mother at the Calgary Airport who arrived at the Rental Car counter to get the car she had reserved only to find out that they did not have a Car Seat available for her 6 month old child. She had requested a Car Seat at the time of her reservation but this Car Rental company (like all the others) will not guarantee you a child’s car seat when you arrive. Many parents don’t know that and then get stuck at the airport waiting for another family to return a car with a Car Seat in it. What a way to start off your vacation?

We were able to help that mother find a Car Seat rental and I made sure to let her know that renting from a Baby Equipment Rental company like ours, (www.onetinysuitcase.ca) would guarantee her Car Seat reservation.

Visit www.budgetravel.com to see the whole article.