Zooper Hook in Calgary’s Child

Last month’s Calgary’s Child Magazine included a product review we did on the ZOOPER Hook Chair. Check out page 4 of the September/October magazine to see this stylish, sturdy, must have travel item.

We rent them out as part of our Baby Equipment Rental Inventory at One Tiny Suitcase.

 zooper's hook

You can also take a closer look at the Zooper Hook Chair with our instructional video on You Tube!

Canadian Baby Equipment Rentals

I was at a very swanky party earlier this week. There were tents, a grand piano, and an unusually high proportion of people I had only ever seen and heard on TV before. Not my usual scene…

During a conversation with a member of very handsome 4some of Canadian male singers, he mentioned how it was a difficult life trying to travel with his group and leaving his wife and infant son at home. Their touring schedule included many stops that were only a day or two each in duration. He was planning on bringing wife and baby along on future tour stops.

I was happy to share details of a Canada-wide group of baby equipment rental companies who are here to help with making Baby Travel a little easier. Not a celebrity? That’s okay, rates start as low as $5/day!

Halifax: www.tinytravellers.ca

Toronto: www.weetravel.ca

Winnipeg: www.babybin.ca

Calgary: www.onetinysuitcase.ca

Edmonton: www.onetinysuitcase.ca

Vancouver: www.weetravel.ca

Victoria: www.weetravel.ca


Chatelaine Magazine

It’s been a big day around here. One Tiny Suitcase is growing and part of that growth includes coverage in some great magazines like Canada’s Chatelaine!


Chatelaine’s July 2009 issue includes an article on how to take a vacation on a budget. Writer Karan Smith included an interview with me about some of the cost cutting measures we have done as a family to enable us to continue travelling during this recession.

Here’s an exerpt of the article:

“Corbett says she’s perfected the art of saving on sustenance with her young twins. ‘I hate going to restaurants, ordering them a meal and then seeing them pick at it’, says the entrepreneur, who runs One Tiny Suitcase, a baby-gear-rental business.

Like many families, Corbett looks for a place to stay where she can do a load of laundry or barbeque a chicken. An those small savings…”

One Tiny Suitcase was also featured nationally in an article about working moms! http://www.windsorstar.com/ducks+before+starting+leave/1327505/story.html


Word of Mom

I had a very cool experience yesterday. I delivered one of our Expectant Mom rentals (http://www.onetinysuitcase.ca/fetaldopplers.htm) to a customer yesterday. We were talking about her pregnancy when she told me how she heard about One Tiny Suitcase.

She was in a well known children’s toy/baby store and was reaching for a product (Angel Sounds Monitor) off a shelf when another expectant mom behind her said, “Don’t buy that, it doesn’t work”. She told her to immediately call One Tiny Suitcase and rent from us.

It got me to thinking about Word Of Mouth, or in this case Word Of Mom recommendations.

Cookie Magazine actually has a readers choice every year based on these mom recommendations. http://www.cookiemag.com/magazine/wordofmom Have a look at the travel recommendations here: WOM_awards



Hotel/Resort: Disney

Airline: Southwest

Cruise Line: Disney

Portable Crib:Graco Pack ‘N Play

Travel Website:Orbitz.com

How to unpack a playpen

I remember one of my first visits to Winnipeg with the twins. My parents had borrowed a playpen from a friend who had grandchildren. The instructions didn’t accompany the unit so my father and I were tasked with trying to figure out how to set it up and take it down on our own. A seemingly simple task turned into a very frustrating 1/2 hour.

Have a look at this video from Kiddicare in the UK http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=KEy__O1t3Qw it might save you some time…and your sanity.

After you’ve mastered the art of the travel cot it is really pretty simple. Everything needs to happen in a sequence (from locking the sides into place first, then pushing the floor down). All of these ‘steps’ ensure the playpen is set up safely and that there is no risk of  a side collapsing.

We (www.onetinysuitcase.ca) carry the EDDIE BAUER pack n plays by DOREL ($8/day or $48/week). They come with a lot of bells and whistles (bassinet, change table, canopy, etc.) but the basic pack n play is great option if you are looking for a comfortable, portable bed for baby when you are travelling. ebpnpnew