Customer comments by email

Most of our customers come to Calgary & Edmonton on vacation or to visit family and friends. A recent customer however, came here on very different circumstances.

calgary & edmonton baby equipment rental

Here is an email we recently received from one of our customers who came to Calgary for a family emergency:

See it on YouTube.

Word of Mom

I had a very cool experience yesterday. I delivered one of our Expectant Mom rentals ( to a customer yesterday. We were talking about her pregnancy when she told me how she heard about One Tiny Suitcase.

She was in a well known children’s toy/baby store and was reaching for a product (Angel Sounds Monitor) off a shelf when another expectant mom behind her said, “Don’t buy that, it doesn’t work”. She told her to immediately call One Tiny Suitcase and rent from us.

It got me to thinking about Word Of Mouth, or in this case Word Of Mom recommendations.

Cookie Magazine actually has a readers choice every year based on these mom recommendations. Have a look at the travel recommendations here: WOM_awards



Hotel/Resort: Disney

Airline: Southwest

Cruise Line: Disney

Portable Crib:Graco Pack ‘N Play