Traveling with your Breast Pump

For many moms the use of a breast pump while breastfeeding is essential. Traveling while breast feeding and pumping can present some unique challenges.

Some Moms that travel as part of their jobs and are away from their babies rely on a breast pump to maintain their supply. Even if your baby is going to be coming with you on a trip, if you are planning to bring your breast pump it will require some careful planning.


I was a big fan of MEDELA’s hospital grade Symphony Breast Pump ( when I was breastfeeding my twins. But, for travel I often traveled with MEDELA’s mini-electric breast pumps. You could only pump one side at a time but they ran off of battery power and were super light weight.

If I had it to do all over again I would probably look at purchasing the new MEDELA Freestyle pump because it seems to have the best of both worlds:

  • Light weight (weighs less than 1 pound)
  • Rechargable battery (up to 3 hours of pumping time)
  • Carry case that includes a freezer bag

I’m always interested to hear first hand experiences from moms who have traveled with their breast pumps. Have a look at this article

At One Tiny Suitcase, we also rent out the MEDELA hospital grade Symphony breast pumps to moms who are coming to Calgary & Banff for extended stays. We can deliver a pump and have it waiting in your hotel room or even have it available for pick up at the Airport!

Breastpumps & Travel

I have been giving this one a lot of thought…My babies were always with me when I travelled. I was a devoted MEDELA breastpump user so I could express milk anywhere I went.

But, there can definitely be some logistical challenges when it comes to pumping your breastmilk at the airport or even on a long haul flight. Vehicle adapters, battery packs, cooler bags- it can be a lot of gear!

I have talked to other moms though who travel without their children and bring a breastpump with them to keep up their supply or to store the milk and bring it home with them (what a great gift to bring home from your travels!)

One of my favorite bloggers has a great article on the subject of Breastpumping and Travel. Check it out

I also love the idea of wearing the Easy Expression nursing bra under your shirt so you can be ‘hands free’ if you need to be!