Camping in Alberta 2010

My family and I have been camping in and around Alberta for the last 10 years. We have a few favorite spots (ex:Beaver Flats in Kananaskis) and are always looking to try a new site.

Last year’s Boler has been replaced with the Wanderer. Now that the my twins are turning 6 we wanted the extra space. The larger RV means our choice of camping spots is a little bit more limited but there are still lots of choices.

Family camping in a Boler

Calgary RV camping

This year the ‘rush’ to find a camping spot has been made a little easier with the help of an online reservation system. Alberta Park’s website allows you to browse available campsites and pick a spot according to the services you need (power, water, sewer).

Having a reservation takes the guess-work out of whether or not you will find a spot on a busy Friday night.

Another favorite site for camping reservations in and around Banff National Park is Mount Kidd. If you can snag a reservation here you won’t be disappointed. Sitting in the hot tubs staring up the side of a beautiful mountain will be a memory you and your family never forget.

Canadian Camping

I grew up camping in some of Canada’s most beautiful regions. It was a great part of my childhood and taught me some great skills. Now that I have two children of my own, I want to show them all the wonderful aspects of being in the outdoors.

After having twins, our days of throwing a few things in a backpack and grabbing out tent was gone. Luckily, we inherited a vintage camper/trailer right around the time the twins were 2 years old.

Our Boler ( has seen us through the last couple of years and enabled us to show our kids what camping is all about. It’s nothing fancy and pretty small but it keep us warm and dry. Here are some photos of our ‘egg on wheeels’.

Our Boler

Our Boler

Newly added bunk beds this year
Newly added bunk beds this year

Now, that we have started to outgrow the Boler we are looking into getting something a little bigger. We are going to try and rent a few different types of trailers before deciding what to buy. If you are looking for RV rentals in Calgary check out these sites: