Calgary’s Global News

One Tiny Suitcase has been invited back to Calgary’s Global News Morning show. During my last appearance ( on this show I talked about tips for air travel with children during the busy holiday season.

We highlighted the gogoKidz travelmate ( that we were carrying and talked about some great ideas for a successful trip with your baby.


In February we will be back on the Global News Morning Show with some more great ideas for Family Travel.

We will also be selling some of our excess inventory of gogoKidz Travelmates from the busy Christmas season. Interested? Email

Travel Alberta- Last Minute Special!

Have you been to Travel Alberta’s website lately? They post some great Calgary and Banff travel specials from hotels, spas and One Tiny Suitcase!

For the next two weeks we are offering a special rental offer to Travel Alberta Holiday Card holders:

50% off Infant & Toddler Car Seat Rentals

That means you could rent the BRITAX Marathon car seat for $5/day or the Eddie Bauer seat for $4/day.

 While supplies last, minimum rental fee applies, delivery and taxes are extra.

Use our convenient Calgary Airport Drop off and Pick up service or have a car seat waiting at your Car Rental Agency.

We are Calgary’s premier baby equipment rental company with the largest selection of rentals.

Visit our website and Travel Alberta’s site


Pancakes for Breakfast Every Morning

I’m in Calgary, Calgary Stampede Breakfastand this week is all about the Calgary Stampede. We welcome visitors from all over the world during this time and lot of those visitors are families. Now, I don’t always recommend Stampede for first time visitors to the Calgary Area (Banff is sooooo close and sooooo much quieter). But, if you are already here it is hard to escape the Western Hospitality of the Calgary Stampede.

(One year my husband and I returned home from a trip to Europe in the middle of Stampede. We were actually lassoed on our way out of the gates at the airport…not exactly the welcome I was looking for after a 10 hour flight.)

The best thing about Stampede for families is the fact that your kids can have Pancakes for breakfast every morning for 10 days straight. Free Pancake breakfasts are at the heart of this event and volunteers are more than happy to load up your plate with fresh off the griddle pancakes. Of course, they won’t be as good as home made but then again, you didn’t have to make them!

How to be a rock star on your next family vacation!

Okay, we admit it…we are big Bonjovi fans (well at least my mom is). So when we heard that Tico Torres (the drummer in the band BonJovi) had designed a line of ultra cool baby gear we had to see more. Who puts on more miles than a rock star? He obviously knew the features that parents on the go need because this stroller has it all!

The Rock Star Baby Strollers ( are an ultra-cool, Bugaboo-like, lean mean strolling machine.

When it comes to travel why not travel like a Rock Star? The Rock Star Baby Stroller is now available for rent from One Tiny Suitcase ( . With or without the bassinet attachment (and just for the record, our stroller does not include the skull and cross bone detail but instead sports the very cool Rock Star Baby logo) your baby will look cool on the streets of Calgary and Banff!