Stroller for the Snow

Us Canadian mama’s know a lot about using a stroller in the snow.

When my twins were little I used to have a PEG PEREGO Duette stroller that I loaded them into in their snowsuits and trudged through the snowy sidewalks to get groceries or visit friends.

Here is a link to a great discussion by Canadian Mama’s on which strollers they think work best for our snowy streets:

We often have clients looking for short term rentals of an all-terrain stroller. Our favorite is the VALCO stroller:


Calgary Stampede Stroller Rentals

This year’s Calgary Stampede is shaping up to be an awesome celebration. We love seeing families experience Calgary hospitality for the first time.

If you are planning on bringing little ones to the ‘Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’ you will need some wheels!

The Calgary Stampede provides stroller rentals on site with ID and a $50 deposit.

We take reservations and provide a Stroller Rental as well. We can even deliver one to the airport or your hotel. Have a look at our full range of rentals!

image1 (3) 403-510-2005

Calgary Stampede Stroller Rentals

Calgary loves welcoming visitors to the city for the Calgary Stampede.

We get lots of inquiries this year about Stroller Rentals. With all the great activities happening in the city, it can be a lot for ‘little legs’ to keep up with.

We’ve got a full inventory of Stroller rentals including light weight COSATTO strollers, jogging stroller like the VALCO and full size strollers like the PEG PEREGO Uno. These are great options if you want a stroller to get you to and from Stampede.

Stampede Stroller rentals calgary

Want to rent a stroller for just a few hours? The Stampede grounds offer hourly stroller rentals too! The Olympic & Erlton Entries have them as well as just south of Weadickville at Guest Services.

Call us and we can deliver right to your Hotel or Grandma’s house 403-510-2005

Disneyland Stroller Rentals

Disney 145We often get questions from families about whether or not to rent a stroller at Disneyland.

On our trip to Disneyland in May 2009 I carefully observed the other families in the park to see if the Disney strollers were really the best answer.

Here are some pictures of the custom Disney strollers that were available for rent. They were like a modified Jogging Stroller with 4 wheels in total. The seats did not recline and there was a small basket underneath the seat.

I saw everyone from babies to toddlers to school age kids in these strollers.

The problem with a Disneyland stroller rental (aside from the lack of features on these basic strollers) is that you cannot take the strollers outside of the park….like across the way to Disney’s California Adventure Park.

We brought our own compact strollers with us for the twins. We decided to do that because we needed a way to get the kids back and forth to the hotel (about 1.5 miles one way). Our strollers folded up easily (to easily get on and off the Monorail), reclined, and had a decent canopy to protect the kids from the sun.

My recommendation would be to bring your own stroller or make arrangements with a Baby Equipment Rental company ( to have better stroller waiting for you at your hotel!Disney 135