Snow Baby

Calgary & Banff are finally snowy! It happened later than usual here in Alberta. Tomorrow is the first day of December and the kids and I were still riding our bikes last week!

With the snow and winter finally here it’s time to start thinking about getting outside with baby. Many of our customers are travelling to Alberta for a winter vacation and have questions about just what kind of gear they will need.

Here is our Top 5 list of Winter Gear for Baby:

1. Leave your stroller at home and bring baby out in a sled like this one: Banff Baby Travel

2. Want to try skating with  your toddler? Bring one of these to the rink:

3. Keep warm on a winter walk with this cover for your Baby Bjorn: Winter Baby Parka

4. High winds and blowing snow are a part of winter here. You’ll need one of these: Winter car seat cover

5. If you  like to cross-country ski, this is a great way to bring your baby along:
Chariot Cross Country Ski Attachment