Car Seat Rentals: Cosco Scenera

Our selection of car seat rentals is always increasing. For years we have been in love with the BRITAX line of car seats. We also carry seats by EDDIE BAUER, PEG PEREGO and GRACO.


Recently, due to demand from our customers, we have added some of the COSCO Scenera car seats to our inventory. These seats are light weight and narrow enough to fit comfortably in the back seat of small cars or vehicles where you need to fit 3 along the back seat.

Interested in a  car seat rental when you travel to Calgary or Edmonton? Watch our new video on the features of the COSCO Scenera car seat!

BRITAX car seats expired today

We clean and safety check each piece of Baby Equipment Rental gear when it comes back.After this long weekend, two of our BRITAX Roundabout car seats were ready for retirement. The Government of Canada recommends car seats have an expiry date of 5 years from when they were manufactured. BRITAX itself uses an expiration date of 6 years.

We always follow the strictest safety guidelines and have retired these two car seats after 5 years of use. They still look like new but it’s the integrity of the plastic that renders them less safe after 5 years so we have removed them from our inventory.

If you have questions about car seat safety, expiry dates or Baby Equipment Rentals visit us

Calgary Car Seat Rentals


Child Car Seat Expiration Dates

The Government of Canada has launched a new program to educate parents about the need to have current car seats for their children. Manufacturers have always recommended a 5 year expiration date on car seats.

car seat rentals expiry dates for safety

At One Tiny Suitcase, part of our process for safety checking seats before they are rented out is verifying that the car seat has not exceeded the 5 year date.

We carry premium brands of children’s car seats including BRITAX, PEG PEREGO and GRACO.

Our customers often leave comments on how much they enjoyed the Car Seat Rentals that we offer, “Thanks so much again! After using the Britax on our trip, my husband and I have decided to purchase one for our son, we liked it so much!” Julie (Michigan) January 2008

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Calgary Airport Pick Ups

One Tiny Suitcase at the Calgary Airport

Arriving at the Calgary International Airport with your baby? Arrange for a Car Seat or Stroller rental to be waiting for you!

At One Tiny Suitcase we have teamed up with Tourism Calgary to provide our customers with the convenience of a Calgary Airport drop off/pick up location.

Just place your order with One Tiny Suitcase and pick your baby equipment rentals up on the Arrivals level of the Calgary Airport. Open from 6am-11pm daily. What could be easier!

1-877-One Tiny

Car Seats & Air Travel

Car Seat Travel Bag

This was the site at the Calgary Airport in January 2010. I was waiting for my luggage to arrive from our trip to Hawaii and noticed this poor car seat going by on the belt.

The airlines offer plastic bags to protect your car seats in transit but how much protection does that really provide?

On one mom’s first trip with her 4 week old daughter from Edmonton to Las Vegas she decided to travel with her Peg Perego Primo Viaggio infant car seat. This top of the line car seat is the one she brought her daughter home from the hospital in. She decided to check it in with Air Canada and was shocked to find that it didn’t make it home with her.

At 3am with a new-born baby in her arms she stood at the Edmonton International Airport waiting for her baby’s car seat to arrive. It did arrive….2 days later. The airline offered her a replacement seat to get home with but she was a bit nervous about putting her new baby in a convertible car seat (the only ones the airline had to loan her).

Here are some recommendations for Car Seat Bags if you choose to travel with yours:

GoGo Kidz Car Seat Travel Bag

JL Childress Car Seat Bag

Looking to rent a car seat in Edmonton or Las Vegas?

Baby’s First Visit

An article I wrote was recently published regarding Baby’s First Visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Here’s a link to the article in its entirety (page 20).

With some help from a local Baby Proofing company and Rhonda Tkachuk of Certified First Aid in Calgary, the article describes some of the preparations grandparents can make before the arrival of little visitors. Here’s an excerpt of the article:

“some of the hot spots she sees in Grandparent’s homes are bed side tables that have medications in them. An easily accessible bed side table with dangerous medications will need to be relocated. Also, have a look in your closet for any dry-cleaning bags that can pose a suffocation hazard. Any small objects that can become a choking hazard should also be moved (marbles, decorative beads, coins, etc.)”

With a little preparation your first visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s home can be successful. Don’t wait until you arrive to talk to them about sleeping arrangements, relocating dangerous pieces of furniture, plans for pet/baby interactions. Most grandparents today understand that things have changed and parents are much more aware of the safety precautions necessary to keep their baby safe in a new environment.

Infant Car Seat Rentals

It’s December, and that means it is our busiest month of the year for Car Seat Rentals. My favorite orders to take are from grandparents that have been asked by their son/daughter to source out the exact Car Seat Rental they want. Just the other day I had a Grandma call to ask for a Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP infant car seat rental (she didn’t know what all those names meant but wanted to ensure she got the safest seat possible). Her daughter was bringing her new baby to Calgary and she wanted to rent the exact same car seat she used at home.

Good planning- we’re delivering it to Grandma’s house tomorrow!

SIP Primo Viaggio Car Seat Rental

We’ve just added some new Peg Perego SIP Primo Viaggio infant car seats to our Baby Equipment Rental inventory in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. We carry the full line up of Peg Perego products and the SIP is their newest seat.

With Side Impact Protection, one hand seat belt adjustment, indicator level on the side of the base for easy installs and stylish Microfiber fabric- this seat is one of the best on the market. These quick videos from Peg Perego show how easy this car seat is to use

Many of our customers are looking for Car Seat Rentals that are the same as what they use at home. The Peg Perego infant seat provides a safe (and stylish) ride!

Car Seat Installation Made Easy

Some of our customers at One Tiny Suitcase are hesitant about installing their Car Seat Rentals. I always reRoundcommend renting the brand of car seat you use at home when travelling, but sometimes parents want to try out other models like the line of Britax Car Seats we carry.

 I’ve found the Britax car seats to be the easiest seats to install. The LATCH system is super easy to access and the seat can be reclined, harness adjusted, etc. quickly.


The Britax has always been my top pick, until now…I just saw a very cool new Car Seat being offered by Evenflo. I’ve never been a big fan of their products but this one caught my eye. The Symphony car seat with SureLatch.

This is a fairly basic car seat except when it comes to installation. Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to get the proper tension on the LATCH system when installing one of these seats.

Don’t be surprised if you see these seats pop up in our inventory of Car Seat Rentals. That is unless Britax comes out with their own version of SureLatch!

Free Fisher Price Booster Seat Rental

If you are traveling to Calgary, Banff or Edmonton this summer make sure you check out our Free Fisher Price Booster Seat Rental offer at One Tiny Suitcase.

With the rental of any other item, like our MEC baby backpacks, BRITAX car seats or PEG PEREGO strollers (just to name a few), you will receive a FREE booster seat rental as well.

This video demonstrates how easy the booster seat is to use and how you can customize it to suit your child’s age and ability. Use with the tray or without, change the seat’s height and fold it up for easy transport, this chair has it all.

Here’s the link to the special offer:

Britax Marathon

If you haven’t checked out the Dad Labs website yet you are missing out. This high quality web-based blog/tv show is professionally produced and has some really funny topics (search the Circumcision Decision video).

I also really like the reviews they do of popular baby equipment. This one focused on BRITAX car seats and explains in a bit more detail what True Side Impact Protection really means:

We carry the BRITAX Marathon and Roundabout car seats as part of our Baby Equipment Rentals. I recorded a video showing the features of the seats we carry at One Tiny Suitcase:

If you are looking for a high quality, easy to use, easy to clean car seat- this one is my favorite!