Kids Tyme in Vegas

Sin city for kids? I have heard some bad stories of kids being dragged through casinos, out on the strip at 2:00AM passed out in their stroller, etc. Personally, our family has decided to stay off the strip while the kids are little. Disneyland-yes, Palms Casino-no. But for those of you who love Vegas too much to stay away I have found some kid-friendly activities to keep everyone entertained!

The Orlenas Casino and Hotel in Vegas ( saw an need and filled it with Kid’s Tyme! Kid’s Tyme is a world of kid-sized fun and entertainment in a safe, clean, and supervised environment. The staff on duty are certified in first aid and CPR. It’s perfect for children ages 3 through 12. Open 7 days a week 365 days a year- it seems to good to be true!

Some of the kid-friendly activities they offer include a jungle gym, Coin freearcade room, movie room and Arts & Craft time with paints, markers and crayons for creative minds.  

One thing to remember… the use of this facility requires that parents stay in the building (CASINO) at all times!

Child Friendly Vegas!