Vacation Club Safety

One of my favorite Child Safety experts, Samantha Wilson, has written a really good article on what questions to ask when leaving your children at a Vacation Club’s Kids Program

Lots of my friends have used these services on Cruise Lines and at all-inclusive resorts. I am still a bit wary. The idea of sunning myself on the deck uninterrupted or using the gym at my leisure on a holiday sounds good, but I haven’t even hired a babysitter yet, let alone a complete stranger.

IKEA's Smaland

IKEA's Smaland

The closest I have been to a Kid’s Club is the Smaland (kid’s playroom) at IKEA. I used to Manage the Safety Department for an IKEA location so I know the strict requirements that those employees are under and the rigid audit routines in place to ensure the area is safe.

Samantha encourages parents to ask ‘the tough questions’ and expect the right answers

It is not only your right to ask, “Who has first aid training here?” and “Where will the kids be taken in an emergency?” but it is one of those parental duties we have to keep our kids safe.