Mom on a Mission

One of my favorite blog writers wrote a very interesting post today. Debbie at Delicious Baby is doing some undercover work these days. After her awful experience with Advantage Rental Cars and the children’s car seats they provided her and her family, she exposed the rental car agency’s substandard ‘safety‘ seats.

The company promised improvements and ensured her and the local media that unsafe, out of date seats would be removed from their inventory earlier this year. Debbie wrote on her blog that, “As a result of this story and the news investigations, Advantage has performed a company-wide inspection of all their car seats and destroyed any that did not meet the appropriate standards for safe operation. They’ve also institued a new corporate policy regarding child safety seats, including a requirement that seats be removed from service after two years of use and that parents be given a manual with each seat.”

It looks like they didn’t live up to their promises. Read the latest post from this Mom on a Mission at Delicious Baby

Child Safety Seats

Child Safety Seats

Baby Blogs

I have found a whole new source of information out there on the web that I didn’t really know to look for before. Now that I am deeper into this whole blogging thing, I have realized how many other moms are sharing their experiences via blog.

There are some really cool blogs out there that give first hand information to those of us who are getting ready for some Family Travel.Delicious Baby Blog

Delicious Baby has some great family travel advice, destination guides, and really cute pictures!

WeeWee Travel Travel also has a blog that reviews the latest kid friendly travel gear.

Next time you are out searching, look for some first hand information on a blog!